Surfs up, time to move to cloud accounting


Our Senior Accountant Chris, takes a look at the top five benefits of cloud accounting for anyone thinking of becoming a contractor or considering moving their accounts online.

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The future of the AI revolution


From driving our cars, to making phone calls and assisting in the diagnosis of cancer – artificial intelligence is revolutionising how we live our lives. Day to day, we’re already constantly interacting with AI. So what are the implications of this radical technology? How will AI continue to shape our lives, and what should we be doing to prepare for it?

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8 coaching myths that need busting

Coaching myths

Professional coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Given that coaching in a formal manner is a fairly recent concept, this speaks volumes about the positive benefits it offers. As with any rapidly growing profession, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve taken a look at the facts behind 8 popular coaching myths.

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4 ways coaching will be the profession of the future


A recent survey revealed that 84% of coaches have been undertaking an increasing amount of work in the last two years, with 40% reporting significant growth in their client base. Coaching is on the rise on both an individual level and as a key part of big business. But it’s more than just a passing fad. We take a look at the four ways coaching is set to continue its record growth as an industry in the coming years.

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Coaching with inniAccounts


As a professional coach, we understand that your way of working requires flexibility, creativity and outside the box thinking. So why shouldn’t your accountants be the same? Take a look at how we’re specifically tailored to help coaches get the most from their limited company.

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The rise and rise of professional coaching


As a society, our values are continually shifting. With changes in the economic climate, technology having a growing impact on our lives and an increasing focus on maintaining a healthy work/life balance – more and more people are looking to alternative careers, away from the frenetic pace of big business, to provide more flexible, meaningful and fulfilling work. Professional coaching fits the bill and is becoming one of the fastest growing business models in the world today.

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Tax code 1185L – tax changes for 2018/19

Tax code

HMRC issues tax codes each year to reflect the personal tax-free allowance most people are entitled to. The new tax code for most people in 2018/19 is 1185L.

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Tax year end hints and tips

tax year end

The final months of a tax year can provide some great opportunities for maximising your company’s tax efficiency. As we’re speeding towards the end of this tax year, we thought we’d share our five top actions to help you make the most of the current tax year and prepare you for the next.

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2018 Spring Statement Highlights

spring statement

Philip Hammond’s delivery of the government’s first Spring Statement proved to be a short, snappy affair today. While there were no major tax and spending changes, we did get an insight into what the government will be focusing on over the next six months and a few signals of what’s likely to come in Autumn. Thankfully, there were no surprises in store for contractors and consultants.

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