• grand-plan

    Make your passion part of your grand plan

    Back to work today but longing for your bike? Maybe dreaming of a little workshop where you can do the things you love every day? A growing number of contractors and freelancers are working as part of a grand plan. Our clients regularly share with us their designs to diversify their contracts, to move into a different sector, or frequently to pursue a passion and turn it into a viable business.

  • remote-working

    How to master the art of remote working

    Technology has helped millions of freelancers and contractors gain the freedom to choose how and where they work. But working with people across the country isn’t without its challenges. Here are some of the best remote working practices and tools we’ve found in our own experiences as both off-site freelancers and contractors and end-clients.

  • limited company formation

    What happens when you start up a limited company with inniAccounts?

    So you’ve made the decision. You’re leaving the 9 to 5 slog of permie work behind you and you’re ready to take the leap into the more flexible world of contracting. Our award-winning service includes everything you need to start up your limited company. For free. Here’s how it works.

  • story-of-us

    The Story of Us

    A five minute walk from Derby city centre, you’ll find our team of 28 doing things a little differently. Here’s our origin story. 

  • app

    12 essential smart-working apps for contractors and freelancers

    More and more applications are being created with the busy professional in mind, allowing us to streamline our admin and work smarter. There are thousands of apps and tools to choose from and it all comes down to personal user preferences, but here are some of our favourites to get you started.

  • reputation

    What’s your reputation as a contractor worth?

    A great reputation inspires trust and helps you stand out from the crowd; it’s your best advocator and most silver-tongued salesman. It’s a product of years of hard graft, but once secured a stellar reputation makes it considerably easier to attract and maintain a profitable client base.

  • automate

    Automate your finances with inniAccounts

    As a busy self-employed contractor, we know that the easier managing your accounts is, the sooner you get back to doing what you do best. From mobile apps to live financial forecasts and minimising your admin – here’s how you can use inniAccounts to automate your limited company’s finances.