A new look and exciting new features

Our previous user interface has stood the test of time well, but was starting to show its age. If you’re a widescreen user your real estate was going to waste, if you use a tablet the experience was less than optimal. Parts of the software were inconsistent and, as we’ve added features over the years, […]

Finding contract work in 2016

Contractor Finding contract work on her laptop

The importance of keeping your pipeline full It can be easy to focus on the job in hand when you begin contacting. You’re working for a new client and you become immersed in the project you are working on. As a contractor, part of your role as your own boss is to ensure that you […]

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inniAccounts scoops “Best Contractor Accountant” award


We’re really excited to be recognised by this renowned industry award: more so given that this award is voted for by contractors across the UK. The Contractor UK Reader Awards are the only awards that are dedicated to the contracting marketplace. The Best Contractor Accountant award is the most competitive of the award categories, and […]

How to save tax this Christmas with a staff party

Planning for holidays If you’ve been working hard during the year, then it’s time to enjoy a well deserved break with your loved ones. To help you prepare your wallet for the festive season, we’ve written a short guide to planning and budgeting for your scheduled absence. Splash out on a festive treat To sweeten […]

New dividend tax changes from 6th April 2016

Some contractors are even asking if it is financially viable to work for themselves with all the changes and if the dividend tax will wipe out any financial benefits gained by working for yourself. In this article, we’ll give you the facts around the dividend tax changes as well as some examples to show you […]

Surviving The Apprentice

I’ll be the first to admit that The Apprentice isn’t my usual cup of tea. It’s Dragon’s Den, or better still The Fixer which bring much warmth, comfort and hope to my autumnal evenings. However, I did tune in to The Apprentice last night, and successfully resisted the urge to post on every social media […]

In the news: Head for the Clouds

As your company grows it requires more support and advice from your accountant. Select your supplier wisely and consider how your business relationship can affect your changing circumstances. In this post James talks you through eight important factors to consider before nominating an accountancy service for your company. You need a trusted advisor for everything from the technical day-to-day support, to advanced […]

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In the news: Summer Budget 2015: SME Reaction To The National Living Wage

“I think that many business owners who were geared up to help drive Britain’s productivity and get people working, will have lost interest because they will see little incentive to do so from yesterday’s budget. The drop in Corporation Tax and an increase in Employment Allowance go some way but they are counter-balanced by the […]

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In the news: Budget 2015: Lots for business, little for tech

In this article on ITPro – the site for IT analyses and business insight, our co-founder James, along with other small business leaders expresses his opinion on this year’s budget reforms. See James’ comment on the apprenticeships reform, and many more comments from small business leaders in the full post on ITpro.

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