Would you still recommend contracting?

In our recent State of the Nation survey, we found that contractors are roughly evenly split when it comes to recommending contracting. 52% would heartily recommend the contracting lifestyle. However, 48% reported that the current economic climate would give them pause.

This is a big contrast to our last survey three years ago where 93% of contractors would recommend contracting to a friend or colleague.

We know from conversations with our clients that once they make the leap to contracting, the majority never look back. Most feel the contracting lifestyle is the best route to a greater choice of work and a better work/life balance. But given the current turmoil in Westminster, it’s easy to see why independent professionals are now more uncertain.

Matt Poyser, co-founder of inniAccounts

An independent UK could bring new opportunities for contractors. The 2008 global recession is now seen as a key booster of the contractor market. Brexit-induced instability could pave the way for businesses to once more turn to temporary contractors over full-time employees.

Within the right industry, there are still some great contracts available. The UK currently suffers from severe shortages of skilled professionals. This problem won’t be going away anytime soon, allowing contractors to continue to carve their own niche market and thrive. If you have an in-demand skillset and great experience, the uncertainty around contracting can be minimised.

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The State of the Nation 2019

2019 is set to be another year of monumental change and uncertainty. Politics, the economy, society and technology are all continuing to change at lightning speed. That’s why, in January, we conducted a survey to find out how contractors are preparing for the future. Our 2019 report brings together our thoughts on the current mood of contractors across the nation, leveraging data from our expert clients and comment from our in-house specialists, to provide a close-up look at what contractors are talking and worry about for the coming year.

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