Budget 2020: a guide for consultants and contractors

Support for self-isolating contractors and consultants A broad measure introduced by the Chancellor was support for those who need to self-isolate due to Coronavirus. For contractors and consultants, this means if you need to self-isolate you can pay yourself statutory sick pay (SSP), and then reclaim this SSP back from the Government. We don’t yet […]

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Investing in yourself to survive

Investing in yourself

Keeping your skills up to date has never been more important. This
is particularly so for fast-moving sectors like IT. To ensure they’re best prepared for the future, 45% of our clients have started to invest in training.

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Would you still recommend contracting?

Recommend contracting

With Brexit and IR35 making big waves in the world of contracting, we asked contractors if they’d still recommend going it alone to their permie friends. Here’s their answer.

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Brexit and the future of contracting

Brexit and the future of contracting

Three years down the line, everyone is still waiting to see what the effects of the decision to leave the EU will be. For now, there’s still a lot of uncertainty, leaving many contractors to speculate over the potential implications. Take a look at our client’s views for the future.

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Provisioning for the future as a contractor

provisioning for the future

Continued financial security is clearly considered a risk factor for many independent professionals. Here’s how our surveyed contractors are provisioning for the future.

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What are the drawbacks for contractors in 2019?

contractor drawbacks

Our clients share some of the major drawbacks and concerns that they face day to day as a contractor, as well as what they’re doing to overcome them.

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Why do people choose to become contractors?

Why do people become contractors?

We asked our expert clients why those chose to become contractors. Here’s what they feel they’ve gained from being an independent professional.

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Looking ahead for independent contractors

contractors 2019

We invited our clients to take part in a survey to find out what they think will shape 2019 and their future as contractors. Here are the results.

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2019 Spring Statement Highlights

Spring statement

With Brexit dominating the headlines this week, you’d be forgiven for missing yesterday’s Spring Statement. While there were no major tax changes, we did get an insight into what the government will be focusing on over the next six months and as always, Chancellor Hammond couldn’t resist pulling a few rabbits from the hat. Here’s a quick breakdown of the highlights for contractors, consultants and freelancers.

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