Five ways to manage IR35 with your clients


You’ve found a project, you’ve had the interview, you’re ready to discuss your potential new contract and keen to ensure your IR35 status is clear within it, where do you begin?

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Planning for the future? Accounting skills are no longer enough for graduates


‘Plenty of students and graduates might now be wondering over the direction their career will go. Some will have work experience lined up, others might be taking time out and seeing the world. But I bet you one thing: all of them will be thinking ‘what next?’.’ Our director of client services, Rowena Barnwell FCCA, shares her advice for students or newly qualified accountants looking to manage their careers.

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Caught inside IR35? Operating through a limited company remains the best option


As a contractor, it’s important that you’re continually assessing the options to find what best suits you. If you find yourself working inside IR35 for example, you might be wondering which structure option would make the most financial sense for you. Here’s why operating through your own limited company remains the best option, regardless of your IR35 status.

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The ultimate guide to IR35

IR35 is a complicated piece of legislation, and there’s a lot of misinformation and scaremongering out there about it. But it’s important to have an awareness and understanding of it to ensure that you are paying the correct amount of tax and National Insurance. Matt Poyser, our Director of Customer Experience and experienced contractor, takes a look at the main points you need to know to get IR35 right.

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Advanced tax-saving tips for consultants


While ensuring your records are in tip-top shape and adequately provisioning for the end of the tax-year is integral to managing your limited company; many consultants miss out on some of the available opportunities to make their companies more tax efficient. Our Senior Accountant, Chris, examines four advanced tax-saving options that you might not be aware of.

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How to find and win your next contract


Whether you’re embarking on the contract hunt for the very first time, or you’re a seasoned contractor looking to secure your next gig, there are plenty of opportunities available to not only help you find and win your next contract but also to reduce any unpaid gaps and gain higher rates. Take a look at our 6 top tips to help you successfully find and win well-suited contracts time and time again.

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5 common Self-Assessment mistakes to avoid


For the directors of limited companies, the yearly Self-Assessment Tax Return can be a minefield, fraught with confusing terms and routinely put off to the last minute. HMRC are becoming increasingly vigilant of mistakes, and if they have reason to believe there are any intentional errors, it can be costly. To help you avoid the common pitfalls, take a look at these five mistakes that are frequently made whilst completing tax returns.

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inniAccounts on the go; introducing our new mobile apps


We’re delighted to announce that our new iOS and Android apps are here! Designed to bring the efficiency and innovation of inniAccounts right to your pocket. Our apps let you see every aspect of your business at a glance; so you never miss a trick. With your finances available in real-time and at your fingertips, you can make instant decisions whenever and wherever you need to.

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Saving 101 for contractors


A decent nest egg is a valuable asset to ensuring your success as a contractor. To manage any occasional business lulls, keep yourself cushioned against unexpected difficulties and benefit if you later stop contracting, retire or chose to pursue a new business venture – you need to ensure you have viable savings. Take a look at our beginner’s guide to kick-start your savings now.

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How to make the most of a summer lull


Around this time of year, many contractors and freelancers will see a slow down in their incoming work. With all that new free time it’s easy for self-doubt to creep in. However, a summer lull is a perfect time to work on refocusing your company. Here’s how you can continue to thrive during your summer downtime.

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