• How to host a Christmas party and save tax

    2020 has been… unusual to say the least, but social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas in style! HMRC allows limited company owners to reward your employees (and their partners) with annual events; such as a Christmas party. Whilst restrictions mean a physical event is unlikely this year, online events are also eligible for tax relief.

  • Podcast: Our journey into the world of Umbrella Companies

    We decided to find out exactly what’s involved with setting up and running an umbrella company. It was an eye-opener.
    Find out what we learnt (including that recruiters are the true clients, not contractors) in our brand new podcast.

  • Investing in yourself

    Investing in yourself to survive

    Keeping your skills up to date has never been more important. This
    is particularly so for fast-moving sectors like IT. To ensure they’re best prepared for the future, 45% of our clients have started to invest in training.

  • Recommend contracting

    Would you still recommend contracting?

    With Brexit and IR35 making big waves in the world of contracting, we asked contractors if they’d still recommend going it alone to their permie friends. Here’s their answer.

  • Brexit and the future of contracting

    Brexit and the future of contracting

    Three years down the line, everyone is still waiting to see what the effects of the decision to leave the EU will be. For now, there’s still a lot of uncertainty, leaving many contractors to speculate over the potential implications. Take a look at our client’s views for the future.