Our next eBook is here: Day to day Management of Your Limited Company

Day to Day Management of Your Limited Company - eBook

Day to Day Management of Your Company is the second book in our series “Starting and Running a Successful Limited Company”. It’s specially designed to simplify the time consuming daily admin tasks related to managing your small business. We’ll show you how to equip your company for success with essential kit and online tools for efficient record keeping, expenses […]

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Tax code 1060L – tax changes for 2015/16

Tax Code 1060L Tax codes usually consist of a 4-digit number and a letter. These reflect your Personal Allowance for the relevant tax year, divided by 10, followed by a letter giving your employer an additional information about your personal circumstances. These are important details when calculating the correct amount of tax to be paid. For […]

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Employing a spouse or family members in your company

Employing a spouse or a family member in your company

Benefits of employing a spouse Employing a spouse or a family member to ensure the admin or core business services are taken care of frees you up to maximise the company income. Paying them a salary can maximise household tax efficiencies by utilising their income thresholds for tax liabilities. Things to consider What salary will […]

Contractor salaries for 2016/17


Find out how to choose a tax-efficient salary and achieve maximum efficiency for your contracting or consulting business. You’ll also discover the facts about how different salary levels will affect your tax and National Insurance contributions. Check the inniAccounts 2016/17 tax-efficient contractor salary guide and watch our brand new salary video. If you’ve already chosen your preferred salary, you may also […]

Checklist for your 2014/15 tax year end

2014/15 tax year end checklist

Summary of actions Consider drawing a dividend before 5th April to maximise your tax allowances Consider topping up your pension before 5th April to maximise your tax allowances Consider increasing your salary from 6th April to take advantage of larger tax allowances Notify your accountant if you need to make a specific declaration for your PAYE […]

In the news: HMRC’s latest payroll penalties start today

Here at inniAccounts we’ve been running real time payroll (RTI) successfully for two years, and we have systems and processes in place to ensure our clients don’t fall victim to HMRC’s new penalties. However, our experience shows this isn’t the case for other accountancy firms, and for business owners running their own payroll. This month, I’ve […]

In the news: What if I can’t pay VAT and corporation tax?

This is the latest contractor’s question posted in ContractorUK’s popular series. Issues like this can not only prove a huge financial challenge for the director but also endanger his future career prospects as a contractor. James Poyser, co-founder of inniAccounts, recommends prompt actions and dialog with HMRC before the debt situation goes beyond control. Find out what are the steps to take in […]

How to raise your rates and keep your existing clients happy

Traditionally, the year-end is the time when companies look to adjust their prices and your contractor or consultancy business should be no different. Realigning your rates with your experience, value and the market is crucial to ensure you don’t over or undervalue the service you provide to your clients; but it can strike unease into […]

inniAccounts in Contractor UK’s 2014 Reader Awards

CUK Readers' Awards 2014

Throughout December contractors across the country have been casting their votes via ContractorUK’s website. Last week the best service providers in the UK were finally revealed. The ContractorUK Awards are the only awards in the industry voted for and decided by contractors. For the second time, we’ve been rewarded for the quality of service we […]

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