• Say hello to Oviso; our new partners offering you protection

    We’re often asked for advice on lifestyle insurance (such as life insurance or income protection) and what’s the best way to ensure you’re covered if the worst happens.  We’ve always recommended using a specialist broker, as lifestyle insurance can be complex and when you set out as a contractor or freelancer it’s crucial you get […]

  • The power of a name: how to choose a name for your new business

    To celebrate the launch of our new book, “Preparing to set up your limited company”, Stela (our marketing guru) has shared her experience with you in this series of blog posts – they’re packed with tips and advice to help you come up with the perfect name for your new business. Before you dive into […]

  • Why the future is freelance and contracting is the new career choice

    Why the future is freelance and contracting is the new career choice

    Some may have suffered a dip in rates through the recession but the majority of our clients still had plenty of contracts and projects throughout the lean times. In fact, recessions and uncertain economic climates tend to increase the use of contractors and freelancers as companies seek to increase the flexibility in their workforce. Looking […]

  • 5 reasons to change your accountant and the myths that stop you from doing it

    It’s easy to get engrossed in building the business by chasing contracts or leads, looking after existing customers and keeping on top of cash flow, but have you looked at ways to work smarter and make money by saving money? We’ve all done it, as contractors and freelancers we are so busy doing business we […]

  • Surviving the credit crunch: part 2

    Here’s the concluding part of our ten point guide on surviving the credit crunch. If you missed part one, click here to catch up .

    Network like crazy

    Strive to build a network with everything you do. Over the years you’ll meet so many people and each one is a prospective future client or has a link to one. Keep a list and if you’ve not spoken for a while give them a call to catch up – you never know where the conversation may go.

  • Surviving the credit crunch: a guide for contractors, freelancers and consultants

    With global economies spiraling out of control, stock market volatility, banks going bust and talk of imminent recession, businesses and individuals are justifiably a little worried.

    Whether you’re a contractor, freelancer or consultant you are perhaps a little more worried than most as you are more likely to get a tap on the shoulder before any permanent employees see redundancy. However you are no different to anyone else as bills still have to be paid, so what can you do now to stand the best chance of surviving the challenging times ahead?