Pay yourself and others, easily, efficiently and compliantly

Our payroll and dividend features make it easy to pay yourself and others. They’re easy to use, yet flexible and powerful, with built in protections to keep you compliant and to prevent unexpected tax bills.

Sophie demonstrates our unique personal tax planner, automated payroll and dividends features.

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets, with our real-time payment features

Real-time tax planner

“What if?” has never been easier

Model the tax impact of paying a salary or dividend easily and instantly. Simply enter your desired amount to see the full tax impact broken down visually by each tax bracket. You can even account for income outside your company, such as other dividends or buy to let properties.

Automatic payroll

Set up and forget

Our automatic payroll runs every month, producing payslips for you and your employees, and can even repay expenses and mileage automatically. Whilst it’s fully automated, you’re in control. You can edit you and your employees payments at any time before your next pay date.

Dividend payments

Fast and compliant

Paying dividends compliantly no longer needs to be a hassle. We’ll calculate dividend payments, forecast the tax impact and produce supporting documents in a click. Plus, our exclusive built-in protections will stop you from accidentally paying illegal dividends.

You’re in control, and fully supported by our expert team

Sophie & Georgia are in our client services team, and both are renowned for being exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful.

Our exclusive features allow you to take full control of your payroll and dividends. You can self-serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t need to wait until Monday morning to speak to someone before paying a dividend.

Everything’s done in real-time meaning there’s no need for “mopping up” at the end of the year, and with our personal tax planner there are no surprise tax bills either.

Compliance is our top priority, so payslips are submitted to HMRC electronically, built-in protections stop you drawing illegal dividends and those you do draw are backed up with the right paperwork.

Just because our service is convenient to use, it doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Our team are here to support you whenever you need us and can offer advice and options on getting paid.

Excellent service – provides the perfect balance between providing tools for you to run your business autonomously and hands-on support when needed.

If you’re building a team, our service has the power you need

Multiple employees

Pay others, quickly

Our built-in payroll has full support for multiple employees. You have the flexibility to pay regular salaries, or ad-hoc payments. It’s ideal for employing admin or support staff, including family members. It’s connected to HMRC and supports auto-enrolment pensions, keeping your business fully compliant with legislation.


Ideal for substitution

You have the flexibility to engage subcontractors, which is ideal for busy periods or business continuity should you need to provide a substitute to an end client. You can enter into a business to business relationship and pay your subcontractors via invoices, or add them to payroll and deduct tax on their behalf.

Multiple shareholders

For flexible growth

With our service, you’re not limited to a single shareholder or a spouse shareholder. Our comprehensive shareholder support gives you the option to issue shares as your business needs change. We have full support for different share classes too, providing you with the ultimate in flexibility.

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