• Budget 2021: top takeaways for consultants and contractors

    Rishi Sunak has just delivered the 2021 budget. It’s mostly as we expected; there are no horrors (like the rumoured one client rule) but also no brilliant upsides either (like the cancelling of IR35!) We’ve digested the budget and below explore the key areas relevant to consultants and contractors.

  • 5 Common Traps of Rogue Umbrella Companies

    Umbrella companies aren’t regulated. As such, there are many rogue companies, advertising high take-home rates, which may land you with a hefty tax bill. Even well-known umbrella companies are far from perfect with hidden costs to cover expenses their business models attract. It’s a case of buyer beware, and especially now as companies enforce blanket bans on personal service companies to manage IR35 compliance.

  • Agents without KIDs could be a bad omen

    In April 2020 it became mandatory for recruitment agents to provide all agency workers with a Key Information Document (a KID) early in the negotiation process. A KID is a short document that’s designed to provide complete transparency of the payroll supply chain, and will help you to spot any shady goings on.