Thinking of changing your accountant? Here’s how Lee made the move and never looked back

changing accountant

Many contractors are reluctant to end the relationship with their current accountant. Switching services is one of those things, like changing bank or looking for a new insurance deal; an arduous task put on the back burner while there are more important things to be getting on with. But switching needn’t be difficult or time-consuming. Here’s how Lee, an IT Consultant, found the move to inniAccounts.

Make your passion part of your grand plan


Back to work today but longing for your bike? Maybe dreaming of a little workshop where you can do the things you love every day? A growing number of contractors and freelancers are working as part of a grand plan. Our clients regularly share with us their designs to diversify their contracts, to move into a different sector, or frequently to pursue a passion and turn it into a viable business.

Save Tax from Home: Claiming for Home Office Expenses


As all contractors are aware, claiming expenses is a great way of reducing your annual tax bill. However, claiming home office expenses is more of a grey area. Here’s the low down on how to squeeze the maximum tax savings from your home working and, more importantly, how you can apportion between business and private home expenses.

How to master the art of remote working


Technology has helped millions of freelancers and contractors gain the freedom to choose how and where they work. But working with people across the country isn’t without its challenges. Here are some of the best remote working practices and tools we’ve found in our own experiences as both off-site freelancers and contractors and end-clients.

How to host a Christmas party and save tax

christmas party

We know it’s a bit early to be mentioning the C-word. But, many Limited Company owners are unaware that HMRC allows you to reward your employees (and their partners) with annual events; such as a Christmas party. Even if you’re a one-person company you can still claim back the cost of annual company events – so why not treat you and your partner to a festive soiree?