5 ways to spot a lousy accountant


We know that for most people, switching accountant is right down at the bottom of their priority list. But if you’re unhappy with the service your current accountant provides, why stay? Because it’s too much fuss, too much hassle, to move elsewhere? In reality, switching accountant is nowhere near as hard as people think, its never been simpler.

It’s easy to spot a lousy accountant, inevitably they will be losing you time and money when they should be there to make managing your finances a breeze. We’ve taken a look at some of the tell-tale signs that show it’s time for you to make the switch.

They don’t give you an up to date view of your finances

Many accountants are stuck in their ways; preferring spreadsheets, hourly rates and printed reports. But times have changed and by using the latest technology, your accounts can be visible, up to date and easy to track.

Our innovative, Queen’s award-winning, software offers you a real-time view of your finances; so you know exactly where you stand anytime, anywhere. You just need to check the app. On average it takes our clients only 7 minutes a week to keep their finances up to date – leaving you with more time to focus on both your business and life goals.

They leave you in the dark about tax savings and deadlines

They might be great at the basics, but they don’t offer a proactive service that helps you with tax planning and savings. Or even worse, you’ve received an unexpected tax bill because they haven’t let you know about the deadline!

You’ll never receive an unexpected tax bill with inniAccounts. Our software calculates your tax liabilities and any other pending payments, alongside your available cash, to the minute; so you’ll always have an accurate view of your finances. Plus, our expert team are on hand to ensure you always know about any upcoming deadlines.

They don’t understand contracting

Does your accountant make you feel like you’re just a number? They clearly don’t understand your business or your needs; they don’t know anything about you, how you work or your aims. We’ve been there with accountants that do the bare minimum and try to squeeze you into their one-size fits all service. It’s why we started inniAccounts.

We understand that your accountancy needs are different from conventional business owners. From IR35 to claiming expenses, every aspect of our service is designed with contractors in mind; enabling you to effortlessly get the most from your company.

They talk in accountancy jargon…

They might as well be talking another language. Do they seem to make things sound as complicated as possible? You should be focusing on your business, not deciphering your accountant’s emails.

You won’t find any jargon and accounting-speak here; just intuitive, thoughtful features and personalised service to make your finances as straightforward as possible. You won’t need to learn the ins and outs of accounting (that’s our job), because we’ll have you covered.

Or even worse they don’t talk at all

There’s nothing worse than having a burning question, and typically your accountant isn’t getting back to you or answering your calls. When you finally do get through, it’s to the dreaded call centre, or you’re charged for every minute on the line (racking up additional

With inniAccounts, we’re here for you as often as you need us, no matter how big or small your question. No extra costs, no snuck in fees. Just a guarantee that we will always get back to you within 3 hours with unlimited advice and support.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, what’s stopping you?

The assumption that it’s too much of a headache to move elsewhere? With inniAccounts, changing your accountant has never been simpler. We’ve made it incredibly easy to switch. All you need to do is let us know your accountant’s name, and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s it. We’ll contact them, manage the move for you, and chase them up if they need it. We’ll even square things with HMRC and Companies House. No stress. No hassle.

It really is that easy to switch.

The inni Way
Whether you’re just starting up, stepping into a new sideline or a long time contractor, we understand that your work is constantly evolving and changing. With innovative software and clear advice from our friendly experts, we ensure all our clients can effortlessly manage their accounts with confidence; no matter what they’re working on, where they are or who they’re working with. Everything we do has one goal in mind – to help you master your goals and objectives.

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