Thinking of changing your accountant? Here’s how Lee made the move and never looked back

changing accountant

As a contractor or consultant, it’s important to have the right accountancy service at your side. You already have plenty to be managing. You don’t need to be chasing after an unresponsive accountant or trawling the web for financial advice. You just need proactive support that helps you get the best from your business and allows you to focus on your work; instead of your accounts.

Over the years, we’ve spoken to plenty of contractors who are fed up with the service they’re receiving. We’ve heard horror stories about misfiled accounts, accountants that baffle their clients with jargon and companies that demand extortionate fees while failing to provide a basic service, let alone a personal one.

Many independent professionals are reluctant to end their relationship and make the switch to greener pastures. Changing accountants is one of those things, like switching bank or looking for a new insurance deal; an arduous task put on the back burner while there are more important things to be getting on with.

But switching needn’t be any work at all.

Here’s how Lee, an IT Consultant, made the move and never looked back.

Time to lose archaic spreadsheets

‘I used to be with a big-name accountant, they have a great reputation in the field. However, I found they had a very archaic way of running company books; using excel spreadsheets,’ Lee shared.

Before moving into IT consultancy, Lee had been a director of a company that used cloud-based accounting software. He already knew there were better ways to manage his finances and set out to find the one that best suited him. While shopping around, he found that many online accountants just use a portal to third-party software, we were one of the few who offered an in-house solution.

‘When I first looked at inniAccounts I was a bit apprehensive as I had never heard of the company before. I looked at the testimonials on the website and I decided to connect with one of the guys who had provided a testimonial on LinkedIn. We had a conversation about iA and he helped to put my mind at ease. That’s when I decided to switch.’

Changing accountants shouldn’t be difficult, time-consuming or stressful

Lee found the transition process incredibly straightforward. All he had to do was let us know his accountant’s name and we took care of the rest. Contacting his accountant, migrating his company, accounts and personal information and squaring things up with HMRC and Companies House – all to ensure a smooth transition with minimum disruption.

“Without inniAccounts, I would be stuck using excel spreadsheets – they’re making my life much easier.”

A better way to manage your accounts

A good accounting system should shine a light on your finances, ensuring all your information is readily available in real-time for you.

‘The inniAccounts software is robust and intuitive. I like that I have the information about my company accounts at my fingertips. The software is easy to navigate and I can see my up-to-date bank balance anytime; so I know exactly what money I’ve got to spend. Behind the scenes, the software takes off your company tax and VAT to give you an accurate figure of your finances so I can see what I can and can’t do financially.’

A tool is only as good as the people who stand behind it, and Lee finds that whenever he needs to pick up the phone or send us an email, we’re always ready.

‘My Account Manager Miha is very quick and forthcoming with information. When I need a question answered by an accountant, she will forward it on and I’ve never waited any length of time that’s not acceptable.’

‘What makes inniAccounts stand out is the fact that it is an accountancy firm built by contractors for contractors, so they understand what you want. They have software that shows your company accounts at your fingertips and they have the accountancy knowledge too.’

Looking to switch accountants?

If you’re unsatisfied with your accountant, or just feel like it’s time to look for a better deal, then we’re here to help. We’ve been pioneering stress-free accountancy for over a decade. We provide forward-thinking advice based on the here and now, giving you all the information you need, exactly when you need it – so you can make a success of your limited company.

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