Everything you need to know about our bold new look

Notice anything different? We’re in the process of shaking up our look. You might have spotted a few changes here and there. We loved our old brand, and know many of you felt the same, so here’s a quick explanation of why we’ve decided to revamp it.

TL;DR? We’re changing our look – going bigger, better and prettier! But don’t worry, we’re still us. Nothing will be changing about how our software works or the great support we provide to you.

This isn’t change for change’s sake. To get right down to it, our old brand and logo simply weren’t doing their job any more. We feel a brand should reflect us, our talents, personality, core values, and capture where we’re heading in the future. As we’ve been running for over a decade now, we knew it was time for a refresh. Time to make our style more representative of what we’ve grown into – hopefully without any ‘edgy’ mullets or crop tops to make our experimental teenage years super embarrassing on reflection.

Our original logo has been with us a very long time, it was distinctive and simple – everything we try to be as a company. But we’ve grown and changed, and the accounting industry and internet have changed too. We’re pioneers of the cutting edge and early embracers of tech. We’re a scaling up enterprise and most importantly we’re constantly developing to help our clients spend more time on the things that matter most to them. We knew that a new logo and brand would provide a more accurate representation of us and perform its prime directive better; making us more memorable and distinctive.

The most important part of a brand is ensuring you are recognisable, in the big wide world and on the world wide web. Instead, when people looked at our advertising they saw this:


Some cool ideas. But without a sense of continuity that made it us. So, we set about designing a new cohesive identity that works better for inniAccounts.

Let’s talk design

First and foremost, the biggie, our new logo. We won’t bore you with all the nitty details about perfect fonts and slanting etc. We just think it’s eye-catching, more refined and more reflective of iA; while containing the spirit of the original. As we continue to grow, we think this evolution will scale with us and work better in the many, many new places that we intend to show it off in.

our new logo

We’re also using a simpler colour palette, one that’s a bit more friendly, human and just a touch out the norm (like us).

our new brand

Instead of turning everything on at once, we’ve decided to slowly introduce the brand piece by piece. Over the next few months, you’ll see our website, ads, social media and the software (don’t worry this isn’t going to change anything about how it works or stop you getting things done) fall into line. Things should start looking a bit more like this:

our new brand examples

We’re still us. Just modernised, refreshed and easily identifiable.

Hopefully, you’ll love it as much as we do.