5 Advanced Tax-Saving Tips

The great accounting spring clean As a seasoned contractor you’re probably well-practiced in the usual tax efficiencies around salary and dividend splits and company expenses but here’s a quick round up of the top 5 more unusual tips for saving … Continued

Launching today: in-app file storage

We’re excited to announce that today sees the launch of our in-app file store. Over the coming months we’ll be migrating all of your key company documents in to our cloud-based file store. This means you’ll be able to access … Continued

Bitcoins: a tax guide for UK businesses

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralised, electronic currency. This means it’s not controlled by a central bank, and it doesn’t exist as a physical currency. Despite these subtle differences, it acts in a manner similar to a regular currency: … Continued

Budget 2014 impact on contractors and small businesses

Personal tax The 2014 budget brings good news to most individuals: tax thresholds are increasing, child care relief is more generous than expected and there’s more flexibility for your savings and pension pot. From 6th April 2014 the amount you … Continued