The business of football: 10 facts in digits

Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro

Football has historically been a big theme for Brazil, deeply embedded in their national culture. Since the last time the country hosted the tournament in 1950, Brazil has won the trophy 5 times, winning its well-deserved reputation of the worlds’ most successful football team. However, the bitter experience from the 1950 final when Brazil lost […]

In the news: Bitcoin – a contractor’s guide for tax purposes

Interest in Bitcoin has shot up since the virtual currency’s inception in 2009, and many a contractor is considering how it could play a part in their business. While Bitcoin only exists in a virtual electronic form, this does not mean your Bitcoin transactions are immune to business taxes. James Poyser, co-founder of online contractor […]

5 Advanced Tax-Saving Tips

Advanced Tax tips - inniAccounts

The great accounting spring clean As a seasoned contractor you’re probably well-practiced in the usual tax efficiencies around salary and dividend splits and company expenses but here’s a quick round up of the top 5 more unusual tips for saving tax. 1. Tax breaks for green cars If you have a company car, the tax […]

inniAccounts systems are safe from Heartbleed security vulnerability


This morning, all secure systems for inniAccounts have been investigated and we’re pleased to report that none of our servers are impacted by this vulnerability. This vulnerability is serious: it allows hackers to gain personal information, including passwords, from users who are connecting to secure websites. So far a number of high profile websites (ironically, including the […]

Launching today: in-app file storage

You can access your file store by clicking on the new ‘files’ icon on the top navigation bar. Here you’ll be presented with a list of files that your account manager and accountant have shared with you. You’re then just a click away from downloading the file, or sending it to Google Docs or even […]

Bitcoins: a tax guide for UK businesses

Bitcoins: a tax guide for UK businesses – inniAccounts

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralised, electronic currency. This means it’s not controlled by a central bank, and it doesn’t exist as a physical currency. Despite these subtle differences, it acts in a manner similar to a regular currency: you can exchange your money for Bitcoins, and vice versa, in much the same way […]

Budget 2014 impact on contractors and small businesses

Personal tax The 2014 budget brings good news to most individuals: tax thresholds are increasing, child care relief is more generous than expected and there’s more flexibility for your savings and pension pot. From 6th April 2014 the amount you can earn without paying tax has increased £560 to £10,000. The point at which you […]

£2,000 National Insurance Allowance has limited benefits for Contractors

The benefit of this £2,000 allowance is limited for low-salary employees If you’re currently paying yourself a low salary combined with dividend payments, you may not benefit fully from this £2,000 allowance. This is because it’s unlikely that you’re currently paying a large amount of National Insurance, and increasing your salary to take advantage of […]

In the news: Online contractor accountancy increasingly mainstream, fuelled by new contractors

Online contractor accountancy has moved beyond tech contractor first adopters and moved firmly into the mainstream. inniAccounts’ sales and marketing director James Poyser explains why contractors from all sectors are switching from their existing provider and choosing an online cloud-based service, rather than ‘traditional’, accountant. Read the full Contractor Calculator’s article here.