The experienced view: weathering a downturn

Paul Nicklin and Matt Poyser

With the UK entering a period of potential economic instability, we examine what this could mean for contractors and consultants. Weathering a downturn, according to our entrepreneurs, relies on three key factors: reliability, reputation and resilience.

Contracting in a downturn: 5 top tips

Contracting in a downturn

As a contractor or consultant, if you’ve been reading the newspaper headlines, you might believe that only doom and misfortune lay ahead. However, a downturn may actually provide a recipe for future success. Here are five top tips for handling, and even benefiting, from an economic downturn as a contractor.

inniAccounts: the intern experience

National Internship Week banner

Interns at inniAccounts A good internship can strengthen a CV, provide knowledge and skills grounded in real-life business practices, supply industry contacts and even result in full time employment. As an employer, here at inniAccounts we have an established reputation and take pride in providing training opportunities to interns each year. We’re committed to providing […]

Brexit: why uncertainty is worse than leaving or remaining


Confidence in business Stability and certainty are not glamorous concepts. But, as entrepreneurs, when we head to the ballot boxes on Thursday we must take time to reflect on life without these seemingly mundane tenets. Over the last few weeks we’ve canvassed the views of 250 of our clients, who provide professional services across the whole […]

EU referendum: the UK’s contractors and consultants share their views


Our clients work across all sectors and businesses in the UK – from Amazon to the Yorkshire Building Society. The resounding message is that, for the most part, leaving the EU will harm their future, to the extent that 46% would be less likely to recommend the career choice, compared to the 93% who recommend […]

We’re proud to support IPSE and the IPSE-QA awards


It’s a great way of celebrating the achievements of the 4.6 million independent workers like you across the UK. And there’s an industry awards ceremony to recognise established professionals and the rising stars of the future. Book your place for the IPSE-QA Awards 2016 We are proud to support IPSE – the Association of Independent Professionals […]

The story of inniAccounts

inniaccounts through the years

inniAccounts was born from the frustrations of dealing with inefficient accountants who refused to embrace change. Read our story and discover how we had to pivot our business model to overcome the archaic industry norms.

Tax code 1100L – tax changes for 2016/17

Tax Code 1100L Tax codes consist of a 4-digit number and a letter. These reflect your Personal Allowance for the relevant tax year, divided by 10, and a letter giving your employer information about your personal tax circumstances. These are important details when calculating the correct amount of tax to be paid. The majority of people born after […]

A new look and exciting new features

Our previous user interface has stood the test of time well, but was starting to show its age. If you’re a widescreen user your real estate was going to waste, if you use a tablet the experience was less than optimal. Parts of the software were inconsistent and, as we’ve added features over the years, […]