In the news: Business And Technology Sectors React To Summer Budget 2015

“As an employer and founder of a tech business that wants to grow, I really welcome the apprenticeship reform. It pains me to see ‘training’ firms punt young people and apprenticeships as cheap labour. We see them as a vital part of our lifeblood, the next generation that will move our businesses on. Investment in the […]

In the news: Summer Budget 2015 – James joins the Enterprise Nation’s expert panel

Enterprise Nation is inviting small business owners and entrepreneurs to comment in the budget announcement in real-time today. Meet the panel and see how to join: Mark Pearson, founder, MyVoucherCodes and Fuel Ventures James Poyster, founding partner, inniAccounts Jo Sealy, director and founder, To Market Ade Awokoya, founder, East London Export Club Martin Campbell, managing director, Ormsby Street Dan Martin, head of content, Enterprise […]

Tax efficiency with smart childcare

Requirements The company must be invoiced directly by a nursery or childminder and the payment will be free of tax and NICs for you as an employee as long as the following criteria are met. The exemption does not apply if the company reimburses the cost or settles the bill on your behalf. The payment […]

Optimise your limited company tax bills with our new book

Strategies for limited company tax optimisation

Our next book in our limited company series is here to show you how to maximise the tax efficiencies your company has to offer. You’ll learn expert hints and tips on paying the right amount of tax and keeping more of your hard earned cash in your pocket. We’ll run through everything from good expense management techniques […]

In the news: “Brexit”: An uncertainty that has divided the nation

Europhiles and sceptics paint a controversial picture of Britain outside the European Union. Supporters of EU believe in the stability the union provides for small businesses and its importance for economic growth. Opponents, on the other hand, see prosperity in a nation free of restrictions and “membership burdens”. Both parties however unite around the view […]

In the news: How To Build A Business In Eight Chapters

A good business idea is often born out of frustration. Think of inferior products and services that suck up your time and money every day for little or no satisfaction in return. Do your research and you might find you’re not alone. With a sound idea and hard work your business can go far. If James was to write a book on […]

In the news: Disruptive influence: How James Poyser of inniAccounts proved establishment wrong

In his interview inniAccounts co-founder James Poyser reveals how the company faced down the doubters, and how his life experience has informed his management style.  James describes his management philosophy as: “Constantly incrementing – I’m always pushing forward, one small change at a time.” Read the full interview and discover 20 more interesting facts about inniAccounts’ Sales […]

In the news: Are university degrees losing their value?

Apprenticeships and on the job training are progressively seen as acceptable alternatives to A-levels and further educations degrees. When can the true ambition of a school-leaver outweigh a prestigious university degree when it comes to hiring new talent? Our co-founder James Poyser points out why university can be a costly choice for young people seeking employment and illuminates alternative routes available in companies […]