In the news: How to offer a prompt payment discount?

Have you heard of prompt payment discounts when it comes to VAT? Find out if you can offer your clients this incentive and the tax implications that come with it. James explains how to proceed in response to ContractorUK’s popular Contractor’s Question. Read the full answer here

Mining Bitcoins through your limited company

How to mine bitcoins through your company

It’s straightforward to start mining your own Bitcoins – all you need to do is run a freely available mining application on your computer. However, this is not a fast-track to endless financial rewards. The mathematical problems involved in mining Bitcoins are extremely complex. To solve them requires a large amount of computing power and […]

Welcome to the Great inni Bake off

The Great inni Bake off

Each week several bakers will compete in varying challenges and will be judged anonymously on four major factors. The judges will have a maximum of 30 points to award each baker for appearance, taste, effort and skill. The contender with the maximum score of each week will compete in the grand final. In a month’s […]

Update on Visa reference letters

The requirements for Visa reference letters have become more complex over the years following the introduction and subsequent future removal of the Tier 1 (General) visa category due in 2015. There are stricter criteria and proof of income required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) for other categories such as the Entrepreneur category. The change […]

We’re hiring – Senior .Net Web / Mobile Developer


This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced .NET Developer to join a fast-growing company where software is seen as the centre of the business. You will be developing and maintaining the company’s cutting edge cloud accounting platform, exploiting the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Mobile is a key part of the […]

Finding contracting work

The importance of keeping your pipeline full It can be easy to focus on the job in hand when you begin contacting. You’re working for a new client and you become immersed in the project you are working on. As a contractor, part of your role as your own boss is to ensure that you […]

Heading for the final: A World Cup recipe for success

It’s not all about the game results: the facts and trivia surrounding this year’s championships are grabbing headlines and filling the record books. So what are some of the success factors and challenges for the finalists of this year’s biggest sports event? A challenge over thousands of miles During the World Cup this summer, you’ll […]

The business of football: 10 facts in digits

Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro

Football has historically been a big theme for Brazil, deeply embedded in their national culture. Since the last time the country hosted the tournament in 1950, Brazil has won the trophy 5 times, winning its well-deserved reputation of the worlds’ most successful football team. However, the bitter experience from the 1950 final when Brazil lost […]

In the news: Bitcoin – a contractor’s guide for tax purposes

Interest in Bitcoin has shot up since the virtual currency’s inception in 2009, and many a contractor is considering how it could play a part in their business. While Bitcoin only exists in a virtual electronic form, this does not mean your Bitcoin transactions are immune to business taxes. James Poyser, co-founder of online contractor […]

5 Advanced Tax-Saving Tips

Advanced Tax tips - inniAccounts

The great accounting spring clean As a seasoned contractor you’re probably well-practiced in the usual tax efficiencies around salary and dividend splits and company expenses but here’s a quick round up of the top 5 more unusual tips for saving tax. 1. Tax breaks for green cars If you have a company car, the tax […]