Sophie Maddock

Senior Account Manager

Sophie’s a huge asset within our client services team – She’s there for both her clients and the rest of our team.

As a Senior Account Manager, Sophie has a pool of clients who need assistance with the running of their businesses but she also looks after our team of Account Managers, helping them provide excellent customer service.

She’s great because…

Her Maths degree from Keele University puts her in good stead to reach her goal of eventually becoming an accountant. She’s currently working on her AAT level 2 qualification, with plans to complete levels 3 & 4 afterwards.

When she’s not looking after her clients and colleagues…

She loves getting her Nigella on, cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Having recently been to Paris and Amsterdam, Sophie wants to continue travelling the world. It’s a good job she got a head start, she’d lived in four different countries before even turning 12 years old!

"Sophie's a real asset to the team. She's always smiling and ready to help her clients as well as the rest of the account management team."