James Poyser


James is the CEO and the man responsible for setting the direction of inniAccounts. He ensures we continue to deliver a first-class accountancy service.

He has a knack for turning complex subjects and tonnes of information into interesting bite-size communications. He’ll often be working to ensure our customers understand complex legislative changes easily. His product management experience helps him ensure that the app enhancements we design are easy to use and easily understood.

He’s great because…

He’s adventurous and inquisitive. He asks “Why not?” and “How” then finds great ways to distill and articulate complex information: be it in our communications or in the design of our app. His time in China as a digital marketing consultant gave him invaluable insight into how people interact with technology. His blend of technical knowledge of software and apps with his marketing experience means his passion for our market-leading service is infectious.

When he’s not designing great customer experiences…

He’s travelling, cycling or cooking up a culinary masterpiece. He’s also a dab hand with a camera and has captured some great shots all over the world on his travels. He’s probably the most adventurous of the inniAccounts team, having travelled the world and lived in China.

“James has amazing skills in many things including IT and marketing. He has the charisma and personality to inspire and build the inniAccounts team - when James is in the office it’s a brighter place."