Paul Nicklin


Paul is our software wizard: he turns all the great ideas and customer wishes into new features and solutions.

He designs and develops software that makes our customers’ lives easier. As well as being the software innovator, he’s obsessed with ensuring inniAccounts is safe, secure and reliable.

He’s great because…

He’s got so much experience across a wide range of technologies and industries. He’s spent the last twenty years working for multi-national companies on a huge variety of complex systems. He brings his incredible experience to inniAccounts and translates requirements into tangible, robust software solutions. He’s spent much of his career as a contractor, so he’s in the perfect place to understand the needs of our clients.

When he’s not designing mind-blowing software at inniAccounts…

You’ll find Paul improving his family home (in the most efficient manner possible), cooking up a super-charged curry or taking to the great outdoors.

“He solves unsolvable problems, interprets our vague requirements and delivers ground-breaking features before lunch. Sometimes only Stephen Hawkins understands what he’s saying.”