We’ll get you up to date with HMRC

Worried you’re behind with your HMRC submissions? Our team will get you back on track.

A comprehensive accountancy service

Using forensic accounting techniques, we’ll recover your data and quickly get you up-to-date with your HMRC obligations.

Fines and missed deadlines

First things first, we’ll get on top of late submissions to avoid or minimise penalties caused by your old accountant

Payroll & RTI

We’ll start submitting your payroll information to HMRC so there’s no interruption to your statutory returns

VAT returns

We’ll start submitting your VAT returns to HMRC to avoid penalties

Accountant not responding?

Not a problem. Once you appoint us, our accountants will crack on with getting you back on track

Data migration

We’ll automatically extract all your available accounting records and files from your old accountant’s portal

Quality checks

Our accountants will undertake comprehensive quality checks on your data and correct any problems they find

“I celebrated 20 years of contracting this year, the last 5 being with inniAccounts. Their software and service is like chalk and cheese compared to previous accountants (and I’ve tried a few including key players in the market) – the financial side of running a business is now enjoyable rather than stressful.”

Ian, via Trustpilot

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Frequently asked questions

What is Professional Clearance?

Professional clearance is a process accountants follow when taking on a new client from another accountant. It involves requesting information from the other accountant, which often takes months. We’re taking a different approach. Our starting point is to assume the worst, and that we’ll never get a response from your accountant. At inniAccounts, we request professional clearance as soon as you appoint us, so whilst your data is being migrated by our tech team there is no delay. In most cases, we’ll be able to act as your accountant 14 days after we request professional clearance.

Will you do my year end accounts?

If your year end occurs in the future, we will cover this when you join us. However, if your year end has passed, it’s not a problem, our accountants can do this for you (fees apply).

How long will it take to migrate?

Usually, moving to another accountant can take months. With our express migration service, migrations from SJD and Nixon Williams currently take between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the quality of the records available. Migration from other accountants follows our standard migration process, and currently takes around 2-4 months.

What happens if I’ve already paid my current accountant?

When you pay an accountant monthly, and then leave, they are normally obligated to prepare your previous accounts, even though you’re no longer paying a monthly fee. This means you can switch accountant at any time, and your old accountant will complete any work you’ve paid for.

Do I need to wait to join inniAccounts?

There’s no need to wait until the end of your accounting year to switch. We’ll import your historical data, so it’s straightforward for you to migrate, any time you like.

What should I do if my accountant can’t or won’t file my accounts?

If your old accountant won’t, or can’t, file your outstanding accounts – including overdue accounts – it’s not a problem. Our accountants can do this for you (fees apply).

What can I do if my accountant’s not responding?

Sometimes, outgoing accountants can become unresponsive when clients leave, and when they do respond data is inconsistent or missing. It can take months to resolve issues.

We’re taking a different approach. Our starting point is to assume the worst, and that we’ll never get a response from your accountant. We’ve modified our own disaster recovery and quality processes to allow you to migrate without waiting for your previous accountant to send over your records. Should the worst happen and they never arrive or they’re of poor quality, it’s not a problem – we’ll rebuild them from the source information you provide.

How can we help?

If you have any questions, or need advice, our friendly team is here to help. Arrange callback for a time that suits you, or call us now on 0800 033 7827.

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