We’re lucky to have great clients that are as passionate about our service as we are. Here’s just a small selection of what some of our customers say about us.

Lin is among the many who joined us after recommendation

For Lin, working with new people and new clients offers variety and positive challenges

For Lin, contracting has been a way of life since she graduated from University. She started her career as an actuary in a permanent role working for a variety of clients of her employer. This put her in the ideal position to move to contracting and she enjoys the challenge of meeting new people and working with new clients.

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Neil, James and Merv chose us to help start on their own

Neil explores multiple ventures

After graduating with a PhD, Neil quickly decided that teaching wasn’t for him as he preferred research. He turned his hobby, IT security, into a thriving career. Now he has the freedom to pursue multiple business ventures by splitting his time through flexible working patterns.

For Neil, having inniAccounts to check the figures and ensure all his submissions to HMRC are correct gives him the freedom to get on with getting his new ventures off the ground.

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For James it’s a balance of location and technology

James set up his own IT consulting limited company after being a sole trader and using an Umbrella when he first started out. Now he keeps more of his income and he’s based in his ideal location doing what he loves. He’s found the right balance of his passion for his work and spending more time out and about.

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Merv got his evenings and weekends back

Merv wanted to become an independent consultant after taking redundancy after many years of being an employee. The inniAccounts service means he can spend minutes a day on admin and enjoy more free time in the evenings and weekends.

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Jason and Sterge felt the difference after switching from another accountant

Jason takes control of his business finances

Jason wanted to have visibility and control over his business finances; he was concerned that he’d lose control of key decisions while getting his company up and running. He needed easy access to his financial information and fast admin processes to keep his new business on track.

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Sterge moves to inniAccounts and gets his business back on track

Sterge owns a Software House, managing a team of software developers so he’s well versed in harnessing technology to help businesses work smarter but he’d hit a major ‘liquidity wall’ because of inefficient accounting from a previous provider. He needed solutions and fast.

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