Merv spends his time enjoying life and building his business

When Merv took the leap to become an independent consultant, he was concerned that it may mean spending hours on admin and running his company on top of long days with clients. He wanted a solution that could take care of the company set up and provide long-term peace of mind when filing returns that didn’t eat into his free time.

“Whilst I’m able to prepare financial reports, I didn’t want to spend my weekends or evenings preparing my own accounts!”

inniAccounts saves me hours each week

I was looking for a reliable, convenient and competitive service with software which would allow me to easily control timesheets, invoicing and cash management over the internet. That way I can keep things up to date from anywhere.

The fact that inniAccounts takes the burden of filing VAT, PAYE and company returns away from me has definitely been the most valued benefit. I know that as long as I keep on top of my bookkeeping, inniAccounts will ensure that my returns are easy to understand and filed on time.

I’m sure inniAccounts has saved me hours each week!

I know my finances are accurate 24/7

The software allows me to see the financial position of my company and remind me of transactions that I need to manage at a glance. I get emails when I need to pay my taxes too so I’m always on top of my to-do list.

I record all the transactions in the easy-to-use software and I can instantly see the current financial position and I love that. I probably spend an hour each week using the software; that’s creating all my invoices, logging timesheets, inputting expenses and I probably spend longer than I need as I enjoy using the software to run reports and analyse income and expenses!

Fantastic service and expertise on hand

The fast and informed responses to my questions were a very pleasant surprise to me during my first year with inniAccounts. The level of service has remained at an incredibly high-level and I value Lorna’s advice and support immensely. When I started out, I had lots of questions – the list was endless and every question was answered fully within 24 hours. I always felt help was at hand. I would have become lost very quickly without Lorna’s help and support starting my company the same time as two major contracts.

Merv’s advice to others thinking of becoming a consultant or contractor

Do it! The peace of mind is enough to make inniAccounts an excellent choice, but the software and ongoing personal support makes them the right choice for accounting services if you want to keep more of your free time while running your own company.