Jason stays in control

When Jason started out as an Engineering Project and Programme Manager, he wanted to ensure he was in complete control of his finances from the get go. He wanted to be able to see how his company was doing; how much profit was available to effectively manage his outgoings.

“I didn’t want to just let someone else totally control it as I like to make decisions myself. I wanted to have visibility and control of my accounts.”

Everything on one page

“The biggest difference with using inniAccounts is I have a clear understanding of how much profit and funds my business has. I can see the final figure at a glance, plus drill down to all my liabilities like tax and VAT so it allows me to plan my expenditure and know exactly when bills are due.

Once a month I spend half an hour looking through my live cash reports and future liabilities so I know where I am and what to expect in the short term. The extensive range of self-generated reports allows me to see what’s going on at any time – just a couple of mouse clicks and it’s all there on one page for me.”

Keeping on top of the figures in minutes a week

“Even from the start, all the admin just took minutes; my dedicated account manager was available throughout my company set up and she was instrumental in drip feeding me requests for information in a managed way so I could deal with the complexities of setting up my own company really easily. Since then, she’s still there to answer any queries I have.

The real bonus is the slick online management, it takes me just ten minutes a week to enter my work hours and expenses and generate client invoices to send automatically to my customers. It really is that quick and simple.”

Year-end accounts and VAT returns are a breeze

“I hardly need to spend any time on my business financials because inniAccounts sorts all my end of year accounts and VAT returns for me. It reduces the time I have to spend managing my company. All I need to do is make sure my income and expenses are all up to date and they do the rest.”

Jason’s thoughts on becoming a contractor

“I was surprised at how simple running a limited company can be. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. With inniAccounts you have compete visibility of our business without having to get bogged down in the detail.”