Activating bank statement feeds

Bank statement feeds are a secure and direct connection to your bank which allows your bank transactions to be imported automatically into inniAccounts every day.

The statement importer has been shown to make bookkeeping up to 6 times faster and with bank statement feeds your transactions will be imported automatically every day saving you even more time.

Supported accounts and charges

You can view a list of supported bank accounts in the software or on this page.

How to request bank feeds

You can request bank feeds from your Bookkeeping area by clicking the Setup statement importing button on the account you wish to connect to your bank.

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Direct bank feeds are normally available within a few weeks and in the meantime you can continue to maintain your bookkeeping records as normal.

What next?

Whilst your feeds are being processed by your bank it is important that you continue to keep your bookkeeping records up to date. We don’t receive historic transactions so you will need to be up to date before your feeds can start.

Once we start receiving feeds from your bank we will let you know and your transactions will be fed into your statement importer.

Before the bank feeds will start working in your statement importer you need an exact match of the balance shown in your bookkeeping with your bank balance. Without this the feed cannot connect or start importing transactions.