Open banking: Where we’re at

Our tech team have been hard at work for a few months now in order to bring you bank feeds. Fast forward to today and we’re now an FCA regulated firm, which means we have authorisation to do exactly that. With Starling first out of the gate, more banks are already underway.

Cater AllenBeta
First DirectDelayed

Starling now live

After beta testing Starling we’re happy to announce that it is now officially live. If you have a Starling bank account you can now link your account with us, allowing for easier management of your bank feeds.

Beta testing now available for more banks

We’re also now testing a further 6 banks which include Barclays, Cashplus, Cater Allen, Lloyds, NatWest and Santander. If you have an account with one of these banks and would like to participate in the beta you can send us a message at

More banks to come

With Starling live and six banks in beta we’re not done yet! We plan to continue expanding our support to other banks supported by Yapily. These include but are not limited to Monzo, Revolut, Nationwide and more.

Just a few things to note

While we’re working hard, there are some things which may need more time to be completed. Support for banks such as HSBC, First Direct and Clydesdale have been delayed by Brexit and may need to wait a little longer.

In the mean time, as mentioned we’re doing everything we can to support more banks unaffected by this.