How do I record a part payment?

There may be occasions where you make or receive part of a payment such as an invoice, payslip etc. inniAccounts allows you to record and track part payments for easy reconciliation at a later date.

Where you have a pending payment in your Bookkeeping area you can match part of the payment. Any balance due will remain as a pending payment allowing you to keep track of it until it is paid. A common scenario is when you are not paid the full balance of an invoice.

Recording a part payment

In the example below an invoice has been submitted for £1,200 including VAT but only £1,000 has been paid, i.e. the 20% VAT has not been paid. This scenario may occur where you are waiting for VAT registration and your client withholds the payment of VAT. A pending payment for the invoice is listed in the Bookkeeping area.

  1. To match a part payment click the match button.

2016-06-22 09_25_13-Business Current Account - inniAccounts

2. When matching the pending payment against your bank statement, input the details exactly per your bank statement, i.e. make sure the date and amount match.

2016-06-22 09_27_48-Business Current Account - inniAccounts


3. When you save the transaction it will show the amount you have paid / received as per your bank statement and a pending payment will remain for the balance of the transaction.

2016-06-22 09_29_05-Business Current Account - inniAccounts


4. When you receive the payment for the remaining transaction balance you can then mark the pending payment as paid.