Limited company & contractor tax calculator

Income Per year, excluding VAT

Expenses Per month, excluding VAT

Business mileage Miles per month


  • You're working outside IR35
  • You're VAT registered and using the standard rate scheme
  • You're paying yourself a salary of £6,000, with the rest of your earnings drawn as dividends
  • You're paying £107 per month in accountancy fees
  • You're claiming £4 per week for a home office
  • You're not paying in to a pension
Change assumptions


Take home pay£-
Mileage repaid to you£-
Home office allowance£-
Payment to your pension fund£-

Tax payments

Company taxes£-
Personal tax£-

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About our limited company tax calculator

We’re proud to say that our limited company tax calculator is the most advanced and accurate tax calculator available! Simply enter your income and expenses and our calculator will calculate your limited company’s corporation tax, VAT, income tax and National Insurance payments, instantly. You can then clearly see your take home pay, and a break down of your tax calculation.

Calculating Contractor Take Home Pay

If you’re planning on contracting using a limited company, you can use this limited company tax calculator to calculate your contractor take home pay. Just enter you annual income, expenses and mileage and our calculator will calculate your take home pay, split between salary and dividends. This is very useful when you want to compare an umbrella v limited company.

Benefits of a limited company

Using this limited company tax calculator allows you to quickly see the benefits of using a limited company. This allows you to plan your limited company’s structure, as well as seeing how much tax you can save compared to an umbrella company.

Changing the assumptions

You can access the more advanced features of our limited company tax calculator by clicking on ‘change assumptions’. This allows you to calculate flat rate VAT or standard VAT, find the best contractor salary, as well as claim for a home office. You can also see the tax impact of pension payments.

Download a free take home pay report

We can now offer you a free personalised take home pay report, showing a detailed break down of your limited company take home pay, as well as our handy guide on how to save tax.