Does inniAccounts have an umbrella service?

We’ve considered launching an umbrella service but instead decided to find a provider that we’d be happy to recommend.

Chances are your agency has given you a limited choice of their umbrella providers, often because they receive commissions that they should declare to you.

Our recommendations are independent and treat contractors fairly.

If you’d like us to put you in contact with them, please drop your account manager an email.


What support do I receive from inniAccounts?

Our service includes the support you’d expect to receive from an accountant, you can read all about the scope of our service here.

Staffed by qualified accountants

We’re a recognised accounting practice and we’ve hand-picked a team of qualified accountants who are here to support you, alongside your dedicated account manager.

Getting help

With our knowledge hub and email & phone support from our team we’re confident you’ll have all the support you need. Our industry-leading knowledge hub provides you with a reference point for the majority of questions and key topics. In addition, you can contact our team via email, a secure online portal or by phone. We’ll keep track of our conversations and you can login at any time and view an archive of historic communication with us, so you don’t need to rummage through old emails.

Inclusive support

Unlike other accountants we don’t charge by the hour for support – it’s included in our service. In order to give the best possible support to all clients we do operate a fair usage policy and should you require more complex support then we may discuss additional services with you.


Can inniAccounts supply me with a registered office?

Yes. For a small monthly fee we can manage your statuary obligations and act as a registered office.  Our registered office service includes:

  • Processing of all your statutory mail including correspondence from HMRC, Companies House and Government Gateway
  • Filing of your annual Company Return (inclusive of filing fee)
  • Amendments to statutory records including updates to officers of the company, shareholdings and the accounting reference date

You can find out more information here.

Can I bring my current limited company to inniAccounts?

Yes, we welcome customers with existing limited companies and, if you decide to make the switch, we’ll take care of contacting your existing accountant to migrate your company, accounts and personal information.

When is the best time to move from my current accountant?

Unlike other accountants, you can switch to inniAccounts whenever you want. You do not have to wait until the end of your company’s year.

We’ll liaise with your previous accountants to gather the required information for us to setup your business in our software.

Is inniAccounts a composite, MSC or umbrella setup?

inniAccounts is none of these things – we provide support, software and accounting for contractors and freelancers who have chosen to run their own limited company, and this is also the way we operate. Composites and MSCs (managed service companies) are no longer legal in the UK and umbrella companies offer higher risk and lower tax efficiency than limited company operation.