How can I put a message on my invoices?

1. You can add or edit your invoice messages by selecting Invoicing, followed by Clients & contracts. Select the contract you wish to change the message for.

2016-06-21 14_47_40-Clients & contracts - inniAccounts ‎- Microsoft Edge

2. Select Edit to access the contract details, followed by Invoicing. Here you will see a text box for Invoice messages that can be edited. Enter your message and Save contract.

2016-06-21 14_29_18-Edit contract - inniAccounts

How do I manage invoice over payments?

If your client has overpaid an invoice please contact your account manager – they’ll discuss it further with you and make the appropriate adjustments.

I use flat rate VAT – how do I apply this to my invoices?

You don’t need to do anything to your invoices. Flat rate VAT does not change the rate of VAT that you charge to your clients – it’s only used when your VAT return is calculated.

When I try to create an invoice my client is no longer visible

If your client / contract is missing when you try to create an invoice it’s probably because you have passed the end date of your contract. Select Invoicing, followed by Clients & contracts. You will then need to select your contract from the list and edit the contract to ensure that the end date is in the future. Once you have edited the contract details, select Save contract.

2016-06-21 15_11_53-Edit contract - inniAccounts ‎- Microsoft Edge

My agent has a self-billing platform, can I still use inniAccounts?

Yes, and we strongly recommend that you create your invoices in inniAccounts to ensure your taxes are calculated correctly. Take a look at this guide for more information.