Reselling goods your business has purchased

inniAccounts allows you to purchase goods to resell to clients. You can either purchase single items and charge them directly to a client (e.g. a domain name) or purchase an item that you sell to a number of clients (e.g. web hosting).

Items purchased for resale back to a single client

If an item is purchased for resale directly back to a client you can use the ‘Bill to client’ feature in the Bookkeeping area.

When you purchase the item, create a new transaction in the Bookkeeping area by selecting Enter New Transaction followed by Other outgoing/expense. Enter the details and set the category to ‘Goods purchases for resale’ (under General Expenses) and select your client from the Bill to Client drop down menu.

In the example below, purchase of a server has been recorded:

2016-06-22 10_56_55-Business Current Account - inniAccounts

When you next create an invoice for that client you can then select the item from the Add billable expense drop down menu to attach it to your invoice.

2016-06-22 11_02_22-New invoice - inniAccounts

If you wish to add a markup to the price of the item, simply click the edit icon and overtype the price.

2016-06-22 11_03_35-New invoice - inniAccounts

Items purchased for resale to different clients

If items are purchased for resale to different clients then there does not need to be a connection between the purchase of the items and the invoicing.

In this example a number of picture frames have been purchased for resale and have been entered into the Bookkeeping screen by clicking Enter New Transaction followed by Other outgoing/expense. The details are entered and the category set to ‘Goods purchases for resale’.

2016-06-22 11_07_21-Business Current Account - inniAccounts

You may add value to these items for example, in this instance you could add a photograph to the frame, or simply sell the frame on. Either way, a Free type invoice can be created and a manual entry added with no connection to the purchased picture frames required. In the invoicing screen, create a new Free-type Invoice:

2016-06-22 11_08_39-Invoices - inniAccounts

Then create line items on the invoice manually by clicking Add manual line and selecting the category.

2016-06-22 11_10_56-New invoice - inniAccounts