Creating financial reports

Should you wish to produce advanced financial reports – for example a profit and loss statement or a balance sheet – you can use the reports in inniAccounts.

You can access the reports by selecting Taxes and accounts, and then Reports. You will be presented with a list of available reports:

2016-06-21 15_41_22-Reports - inniAccounts ‎- Microsoft Edge

Viewing a report

Selecting a report will open it in a new tab at the top of the page.

The left hand panel allows you to navigate and download the report. The green arrows allow you to move between pages and the report settings control what information is displayed in you report. You can download the report by clicking one of the three download options (Excel, Word or PDF).

2016-06-21 15_45_15-inniAccounts Report Centre ‎- Microsoft Edge

Navigating reports

Some reports support drill-down features – clicking on a line in a report will allow you to drill down into the next level of detail (to return to the report click on the green up arrow). The report above shows the individual transactions behind the sales in the profit and loss report.