Company Secretarial Service

The inniAccounts Company Secretarial Service is designed to provide you with additional privacy and save you even more time.

This service keeps your residential address private and is a great way to get a little extra help with your company administration. It includes:

  • Use our address as your company registered office address for privacy
  • We’ll file your confirmation statement at Companies House each year and pay your filing fee
  • We’ll take care of updating your Companies House records if you change the structure of your company, i.e. change to directors, shareholders etc
  • We’ll update your records at HMRC and Companies House with changes to contact details

Registered office address

The registered office is the legal address recorded at Companies House for your business. This address does not need to be the same address as the company’s actual trading address and often it is preferable for businesses to have a separate registered address to their physical location.

The Company Secretarial Service allows your company to be legally registered at our head office address, 1 Derwent Business Centre. The benefits of using our office as your registered company address include:

  • Your residential address will not appear on Companies House’s public records: should someone lookup your company on the Companies House website they will see our address, not your home address. This helps to protect your privacy and reduces the volume of junk mail you’ll receive.
  • Most rental agreements and some deeds for residential properties can prevent the use of the property for business purposes. Our registered office service removes this barrier.
  • You’ll save time by not having to forward us correspondence for your company from HMRC, Companies House and Government Gateway as it will arrive at our office. This means we’re always in the loop, it’s less admin for you to worry about plus we can act promptly on the mail from HMRC.
  • Moving house is stressful and if you don’t have a separate business premise, having to update your records with HMRC and Companies House is one less worry. This page on how to change your company address details what is required to update records with HMRC and Companies House.

The registered office address may only be used for official correspondence and cannot be used as your trading address. Bank accounts and any activities associated with the trading of your company, e.g. the address given to your agency, must be your company trading address.

Companies House confirmation statement (CS01)

Your companies confirmation statement is a confirmation of the accuracy of information held by Companies House about your company on the ‘made-up date’, which is normally the anniversary of the incorporation of the company. The statement needs to be filed each year at Companies House to confirm the company’s registered office address, its shareholders, share capital, directors and company secretary (if appointed)

As part of our Company Secretarial Service we’ll take care of filing your confirmation statement at Companies House for you and we’ll pay your £13 filing fee.

Maintenance of statutory registers

There will be occasions where the records held at Companies House need to be updated. This might be allotment of new shares, changes to the company’s total share capital, or updating details, for example the address of a company director.

The Company Secretarial Service includes updates to these registers.

Maintaining records at HMRC and Companies House

The various tax offices at HMRC including VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE & Self Assessment are not linked by a single database of records. If there is a change to your trading and / or residential address, the individual departments must be notified separately which we’ll take care of for you if you use our Company Secretarial Service.

Please note that this service does not include appointing inniAccounts as your company secretary as it is no longer mandatory to appoint anyone.