Late filing and payment penalties

If payment or filing deadlines are missed, HMRC & Companies House issue penalties and charge interest if payments are overdue. To make matters worse penalties aren’t even tax deductible expenses.

Company accounts

For late filing of accounts Companies House penalties start at £150 when accounts are 1 day late increasing to £1,500 if accounts are delivered over 6 months late.


Late filing of RTI submissions result in automatic HMRC penalties of £100 per late submission. With a submission generally required for each tax month, these penalties can become significant.


If you miss a VAT return filing or payment deadline, HMRC apply surcharges that are a percentage of the VAT due. If you miss filing a return, HMRC will estimate your VAT due and apply the surcharge to their estimate.

Corporation Tax

If a Corporation Tax return is filed late the HMRC penalties increase the later the return becomes. The automatic penalty starts at £100 that starts to increase after 3 months.

Self Assessment

The automatic HMRC penalty for filing a Self Assessment Tax Return late is £100. This starts to increase after a return becomes 3 months late. These penalties can be complicated as they also charge interest.

We help keep you up to date

At inniAccounts we work hard to ensure your accounts and returns are filed on time. To ensure that filing deadlines are not missed it is important that you provide the information we request as soon as possible.

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