Issuing credit notes

You can use inniAccounts to easily issue credit notes. Credit notes are effectively the opposite of an invoice. They can be used to fully or partially refund clients and to correct overcharges.

The process

number1 Issuing a credit note


You can issue a credit note in your Invoicing area by selecting the new credit note button at the top of the page.


You can then select an existing client to pre-populate the credit note with information from your contract settings. Or, you can select a free-type credit note to populate all the details manually.

number2 Populating your credit note


As with raising an invoice, you will be able to alter your client’s details, the credit note date, and branding options. The credit note number is automatically generated.


You can use the add line button at the bottom of the screen to add a manual line to your credit note, you then just need to select the category and enter the description, quantity, unit price and VAT rate (if applicable).

Once you’ve finished editing your credit note, select the save button at the top of the page. You’ll be taken to your invoice area where you can download a PDF copy of your credit note or email it to your client.

Once you’ve created a credit note it will appear on the list of pending payments in your Bookkeeping area. You’ll also receive a reminder on your Dashboard.

Remember, for auditing purposes credit notes need to be issued and should follow the same sequence as invoicing. You can find more information on using your Invoicing area here.