Viewing your fixed asset register

A fixed asset register is a record of all the assets that your company owns. Fixed assets typically include computing equipment, fixtures and fittings, tools and machinery. inniAccounts allows you to meet your legal obligations by automatically tracking your limited company’s assets.

Assets are entered in inniAccounts by using the Purchase an asset option in the Bookkeeping area if paid for from the business bank account, or using the Quick Entry area if the item was purchased personally.

Any assets that are removed from the company during the year either because they have been sold, removed or are broken, must be removed from your asset register. You can do this by using the Sell an asset in the Bookkeeping area.

Viewing your asset register

By selecting Taxes & accounts followed by Assets, you will be presented with your Asset register.

2016-06-22 10_46_43-Assets - inniAccounts

Clicking on each item will show you further details on the depreciation of the asset.

2016-06-22 10_49_08-Assets - inniAccounts