Working with PayPal

If you use PayPal for business payments you’ll need to ensure the transactions are recorded in inniAccounts.

PayPal to inniAccounts is simply another bank account and a new account can be created to manage it. When a new account is created it will appear in the Bookkeeping area as a bank account and your transactions can be recorded.

The team at inniAccounts will setup additional accounts, such as Paypal, for you. Please¬†Submit a request with the details and we’ll create it for you.

PayPal fees can be entered as an outgoing and if you have raised an invoice for a client and they pay by PayPal, just select the PayPal bank account in the Bookkeeping area and match the pending invoice payment to confirm that it has been paid.

2016-06-22 11_27_04-PayPal - inniAccounts

The transaction will then appear against the PayPal bank account and the invoice will be removed from your pending payments and be identified as paid.

2016-06-22 11_30_22-PayPal - inniAccounts