Day to day managing checklist

As a wrap up to this series, here are all the activities broken down into bite-size pieces to keep your business running smoothly.

Spending just 15 minutes a day on keeping your records up to date will ensure you are on top of the admin and everything will be at your fingertips for HMRC and Companies House.

We’ve broken the activities down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks, plus a section where you can note key dates.

Daily – Your 15 minute track challenge

Get your MP3 track ready and clear the day’s admin in just 15 minutes.

  • Log your hours in the timesheet.
  • Input your expenses, label receipts, scan them in and file them.
  • Input your mileage.
  • Clear up your emails.


Bill clients and plan ahead.

  • Invoice your clients.
  • Check invoices due are paid and chase any late/pending payments.
  • Look at lining up new work – contact clients, chase agencies, pop a post on LinkedIn.


Pay yourself and make sure everything is in order.

  • Run your payroll – pay your salary and expenses.
  • File your payslip.
  • Check all your receipts, contracts, expenses and invoices are correctly filed.
  • Reconcile your business bank statement with your income and expenses.
  • Forecast any regular expenses or investment.
  • Clear out and archive any expired contract/project correspondence.


Focus on strategic goals and statutory requirements.

  • Check and send VAT returns.
  • Plan dividends, investments and time off.
  • Look at your business plan – check your progress and plan tactical goals for the next quarter.

Key dates

Your company’s confirmation statement
Your company’s year endStart tax planning 3 months in advance
Corporation Tax payment due (9m after your company’s year end)
Income tax year end5th AprilStart planning 3 months in advance
Self assessment tax return deadline31st January(for online submissions)
Self assessment payment due31st July
31st January
(for payments on account)
(final payment)
Web hosting and domain registration dates
Business Insurance renewal
Data Controller Registration with the ICO renewal (if applicable)

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