Why should I claim mileage?

If you’re travelling to and from a temporary place of work (for example, to a client’s office) using your personal vehicle you can claim for the mileage. HMRC publish a fixed rate for mileage which you can claim without having to pay tax – for a car this is 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles per year, and 25p per mile after this. The mileage allowance is designed to cover the car’s running costs and the fuel costs: you cannot claim for the fuel as well as mileage.

Mileage claims soon add up: if you made a 20 mile round trip to a client’s site three times per week you’d clock up 2,880 miles per year – that’s £1,296 towards the running costs of your car, tax-free.

You can also claim for parking and congestion charges (but not speeding fines or parking tickets). It’s also possible to claim for journeys made by motorbike and bicycle, at reduced rates.