What is a SIC code?

Companies House requires your business activities to be categorised using a SIC code. This stands for Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities.

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List of common SIC codes

SIC codeBusiness activities
61100Wired telecommunication
61200Wireless telecommunication
61900Other telecommunication
62011Ready made interactive leisure and entertainment software development
62012Business and domestic software development
62020Information technology consultancy
62030Computer facilities management
62090Other information technology service
69201Accounting and auditing
70229Management consultancy other than financial management
71121Engineering design for industrial process and production
71122Engineering related scientific and technical consulting
71129Other engineering activities
71200Technical testing and analysis
74100Specialised design activities
74201Portrait photography
74901Environmental consulting
78300Human resources provision and management of human resource functions
82990Other business support service activities
84110General public administration services
84220Defence activities