Professional Coaching:
Facilitating change and enabling success

They say the only constant is change and that’s truer today than ever before. With the world around us moving at breakneck speed, coaches (as key facilitators of change) are seeing a boom in demand.

Whether you’re just starting up, considering stepping into a new sideline or a long time coach – this series is filled with helpful articles, hints and tips and ongoing discussions to help you achieve your goals.

No fuss no hassle – accounting for Coaches.

The rise and rise of professional coaching

As a society, our values are continually shifting. With changes in the economic climate, technology having a growing impact on our lives and an increasing focus on maintaining a healthy work/life balance – more and more people are looking to alternative careers, away from the frenetic pace of big business, to provide more flexible, meaningful and fulfilling work.

Professional coaching fits the bill and is becoming one of the fastest growing business models in the world today.

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Rise and rise of professional coaching
Coaches future

4 ways coaching will be the profession of the future

A recent survey revealed that 84% of coaches have been undertaking an increasing amount of work in the last two years. Coaching is on the rise on both an individual level and as a key part of big business.

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Coaching with inniAccounts

Coaching with inniAccounts

As a professional coach, we understand that your way of working requires flexibility, creativity and outside the box thinking. So why shouldn’t your accountants be the same? Take a look at how we’re specifically tailored to help coaches get the most from their limited company.

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Myths busted

8 coaching myths that need busting

As with any rapidly growing profession, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there for anyone interested in starting a new profession or just wanting to learn a bit more. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve taken a look at the facts behind eight popular coaching myths.

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