Personal support from a dedicated team of experts

At inniAccounts our team go the extra mile to deliver a personal and comprehensive accountancy service that’s second to none

A complete accountancy service for limited company owners

Pro-active advice

We will gain an understanding of your circumstances and give you regular advice to ensure you’re getting the most from your limited company.

Tax returns

Your accountant and account manager will prepare and file all of your company’s tax returns, including VAT, PAYE and corporation tax.

Year end accounts

Your year end accounts will be diligently prepared and signed by your accountant, ready to support any future mortgage or visa applications.

Expert support

Your dedicated account manager is here to help. Contact them whenever you need to by freephone or email. There’s no need to make an appointment.

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Whatever you want to achieve, inniAccounts is the natural choice

We understand that as an independent professional, your accountancy needs may be very different to conventional business owners. That’s why our service is tailored to help you get the most from your limited company – be that simply maximising your earnings, scheduling time off, or perhaps building a nest-egg for early retirement.

With our pro-active accountancy service, we’ll take the time to gain an understanding of your personal circumstances and cash requirements, and structure and monitor your company to ensure it delivers the correct balance of cash today versus savings for the future, whilst maintaining tax-efficiency.

Build a cash cushion

Build a cash buffer to shield you from worry, should you be out of work.

Take regular time off

Structure your finances to take three months off, each and every year.

Maximise your income

Enjoy what you’ve worked hard to earn by maximising your take-home pay.

Retire early

Exit with a lump sum from your company, or top up your pension pot.

In-depth annual reviews make your company work harder

Each year, your accountant will conduct an in-depth telephone review with you. They will discuss your company’s accounts, your personal situation and plans before ensuring that:

  • Your company is structured correctly and the split of shares between shareholders is still correct
  • You’re taking full advantage of any available tax-saving opportunities, including those available as a family or as a second home owner
  • You’re paying the optimum salary, and your dividend approach is tax-efficient
  • You understand the impact of, and are prepared, for any upcoming legislation changes
  • You, your company, and your family are adequately prepared for the future, including wills, insurances and pensions

After each review, you’ll receive a personal plan covering the key findings and actions. We’ll then assist you in tracking, so you can rest assured that everything’s covered, and your company’s working hard for you.


100-point health checks ensure your company is on-track and compliant

Every quarter your personal account manager will conduct a 100-point health check covering eight areas of your company’s finances and operations. They will ensure that everything is complete, compliant and that you’re getting the most from your company.

Pension compliance checks

To minimise the impact of workplace pension legislation

Dividend compliance checks

To ensure your dividends are correct and compliant

Expense and mileage checks

To ensure you’re taking advantage of tax-saving opportunities, compliantly

Salary and PAYE checks

To ensure remuneration and filings are correct for you and any employees

Company records checks

To ensure Companies House’s official records match your company’s records

VAT scheme checks

To ensure you’re using the best scheme for your situation

Tax payment checks

To ensure you have no unpaid company or personal tax bills

Director’s loan checks

To allow you to borrow money without unexpected tax bills

Day to day support makes running your business painless

At inniAccounts we take a fresh approach to customer service and our skilled and knowledgeable team are here to help make running a business as pain-free and as profitable as possible.

Our team will help you get the most from your business and they will track tax deadlines and meticulously prepare and file all of your returns on your behalf. Our commitment to quality service is demonstrated by the fact that 98% of our clients would recommend us to a friend.

Your account manager

Your personal account manager is here to help via phone or email. Consider them a member of your team: they’ll take care of your company’s admin tasks, such as filing your VAT returns and managing your payroll.

Your accountant

Your accountant will help you get the most from your company, and prepare and file your year end accounts. What’s more, if you need to talk to them directly you can do – there’s no need to make an appointment.


A truly complete accountancy service with a unique approach to pricing

Personal tax at no extra cost

Personal tax is closely intertwined with your company’s finances. That’s why we’ll prepare your personal tax returns, including rental income and capital gains.

We’ll look after your spouse too

If your business is jointly owned by your spouse, we’ll also support them with tax planning advice, and complete their personal tax returns.

Trading break if you’re out of work

If you’re in between contracts, or taking some well-earned time out, we’ll lower our monthly fees for up to three months.

“I’ve found that when I ask questions I normally get a response from the team within a couple of hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s a question about “how can I do this in inniAccounts” or “what is the accounting reason for this particular task” – I always get a great response.”

David Penson – IT Consultant

“The ongoing service I’ve received is excellent. All of my queries and requests are dealt with promptly. Also, I’ve recently reached the end of my company’s financial year and I’m very pleased that it’s taken inniAccounts just three weeks to produce my annual accounts. This is a vast improvement compared to my previous experience.”

Bhupendra Parmar – Management Consultant

“I have found that inniAccounts send me regular communications and the reminders for tax, VAT and accounting actions are always sent in good time. I know that they are taking care of the compliance side of things so we can invest our time in better servicing our own clients.”

Amir – Financial Consultant

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