Jude found us when she was looking for accounting software

Jude Bliss

Jude’s a seasoned business owner. She, along with her husband, has run three limited companies and tried three different ways of managing her accounts. While on the search for accounting software to keep track of her company finances, she found inniAccounts. Jude explains why inniAccounts delivers so much more than she expected.

“We outsourced all our accountancy needs to inniAccounts and the monthly fee’s already covered by the tax we’ve saved. It’s reduced the stress of running the company finances enormously and it takes me an hour or so at most to keep our finances up to date each month.”

The only way to run my company finances

I’d stumbled on inniAccounts while looking for some accounting software to keep track of our company finances. In the past I’d tried doing all the accounting and book keeping myself – yes there’s no outlay but the time needed to do everything and the stress of having to ensure it’s all right is immense.  I’ve also used a standard accounting service before, which is great for all the legislative elements (such as submitting returns), but the accountant wasn’t supplying regular updates. This meant I was on the hunt for some accounting software to help me keep track of where we were financially and that’s when I found inniAccounts. Now we use inniAccounts for everything and it goes beyond what I’d hoped for in the software. The biggest selling point for me is that I can see ‘available cash’ at any point in time. It’s like having our accountant sitting right next to me all the time!

The complete package

Originally I thought I needed software, but after using the ‘live chat’ to ask Matt some questions, I found that as well as taking care of the figures, I could let inniAccounts take care of everything – the company set up, the registered office, year-end submissions, HMRC contact; the whole lot. I had expected to have to either manage this myself or outsource to multiple suppliers, so having inniAccounts do everything gives me back so much time and confidence.

The service is brilliant. Claire (our account manager) is super-efficient and Matt was great at explaining all the detail of how the service works to get us started.

Saving time and money

I love that I have control over what my money is doing and can see at any moment in time available cash, tax owed, outstanding invoices etc.  Our homepage is like having interim accounts at the touch of a button.  The software is quick and easy to use, so it takes me an hour or two each month to reconcile bank and credit card statements, pay and issue invoices and pay ourselves. I go onto our homepage more often just to check how we are doing and plan for the future.

It’s great that I can call Claire any time I need help and she has the team standing by to answer any further questions I have. After talking through a complex question with my accountant at inniAccounts, I’m on track to save thousands in tax this year – so the monthly fee is more than covered by the time and tax saved.

Jude’s advice to other business owners

I know from experience that doing everything yourself in a business doesn’t save you any money – it just eats up your time and adds stress you don’t need. Outsource everything to inniAccounts and you’ll cover the monthly fee with a couple of hours’ work – plus you’ll save a lot more by not having to keep track of everything yourself and maybe save on tax too!