David’s planning for growth with inniAccounts

David Penson

David is the managing director of Penson++, an Oracle-focused IT consultancy firm with ambitions to become a complete infrastructure consultancy firm. David formed his own limited company and then joined inniAccounts.

“My homepage gives me an instant view of my company’s finances and it takes just a few minutes each week to keep my accounts up to date.”

No accounting headaches

I’ve now been trading for almost a year, and initially when I was setting up the company I was concerned by the amount of record keeping and interaction with HMRC in its various forms in particular. I was mainly concerned with how I would remember all the things I had to do.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time “doing the books”, since I wanted to concentrate on building the company. When I saw inniAccounts in demo form it was perfect for me, it gave me a simple user interface that allowed me to do everything I needed to, and not only that, but it reminded me when I needed to do things. It even told me what I needed to do in simple steps: it was the perfect solution.

In control of my business

inniAccounts’ software is really easy to use: it takes me just a few minutes each week to keep my company accounts up to date. As soon as I log in the dashboard on my homepage gives me an instant view of my company’s finances.

I particularly love the confidence inniAccounts gives me: I know that I’m doing things right. When I was selecting an accountant I was concerned that a “normal” accountant wouldn’t give me the insight or control over my company that I needed. I didn’t want to rely on a traditional accountant working some magic every so often in the background of my company!

With inniAccounts I know I’m in control because I can see what’s going on and everything is perfectly clear. If I want to see what’s in my books I can – it’s right there for me to look at.

I know that my accounts will become more complicated as I expand the company, and I know that inniAccounts can easily cope with it.

Dependable support

Even with software like inniAccounts there will be times when you need to ask questions. I’ve found that when I ask questions I normally get a response from the team within a couple of hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s a question about “how can I do this in inniAccounts” or “what is the accounting reason for this particular task” – I always get a great response.

David’s advice to other business owners

If you’re looking for an accountant and thinking about joining inniAccounts I would say “go for it!” Try it for a couple of months and if you are not completely satisfied I will be amazed. Even playing with the demo gave me the confidence that I could work with the software.