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Back in January, we invited our clients to take part in a quick survey to find out what they think will shape 2019 and their future as an independent contractor. Our aim was to discover how contractors are preparing for the future and to gather a sense of how change is affecting the perception of contracting.

Our survey focused on three main topics – the value of contracting to individuals, the future outlook related to Brexit and how contractors are managing the risks associated with IR35. We’ve compiled together the results to produce a State of Nation report for 2019, showcasing what contractors are focusing on and worrying about as they look to the future.

To highlight a couple of key findings, most contractors view contracting as a way to gain a better work/life balance, higher rates and freedom from office drama.

At inniAccounts we’ve always believed that contracting is as much about lifestyle changes as it is any financial benefits and our research confirms this is still the case. Contractors enjoy the flexibility that their way of working provides; allowing them to support the people in their lives and free up time and availability to focus on the things that are most important to them.

Many of our surveyed contractors expect to see their income increase over the next two years and have firm plans involving their future training and career path.

But IR35 and Brexit are prevailing worries. With the current political climate, some contractors are more reticent about recommending contracting to permanently employed friends and colleagues. Despite these concerns, the vast majority of our participants have clear aims to continue contracting long into the future, demonstrating the longevity of the contracting lifestyle.

You can find a more detailed breakdown of our findings in the full report.

There’s no doubt 2019 will be a momentous year of change. Despite the challenges of leaving Europe and the changes associated with IR35, we think the year ahead presents plenty of opportunities for independent contractors. Contracting still remains a lucrative choice for those looking to find a career that offers not only interesting, variable work but a better work/life balance.

The State of the Nation 2019

2019 is set to be another year of monumental change and uncertainty. Politics, the economy, society and technology are all continuing to change at lightning speed. That’s why, in January, we conducted a survey to find out how contractors are preparing for the future. Our 2019 report brings together our thoughts on the current mood of contractors across the nation, leveraging data from our expert clients and comment from our in-house specialists, to provide a close-up look at what contractors are talking and worry about for the coming year.

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