See how this newbie contractor is taking away the financial headache with inniAccounts

IT Project Manager, Matt Townley, is a first-time contractor currently in his first gig. Matt found that the world of contracting was a scary one to jump straight into and from the off was looking for an accountant. One, who offered a full service that could take all the financial headaches of running your own limited company away.

No stress – just quick and clear help when you get stuck

‘I wanted to find someone who just makes it easy for me to manage my finances and taxes. Someone who could answer all my dumb newbie questions, quickly, clearly and with great patience!’ Matt explains.

He looked around the market comparing different online providers and found that our service seemed to tick all the boxes. ‘It took a bit of learning at first to know the difference between company accounts and personal accounts, but once you wrap your head around it, you can see how everything is connected together. The team have been brilliant, they’re helpful and really quick and clear with answers, and I had lots of questions especially in my first month of contracting.’

Freeing up time to spend on what’s important

Matt’s found that our team make it easy for him to achieve what he needs to while ensuring he doesn’t spend all his time dealing with the company side of things. He found it very simple to get everything up and running to the point where he was able to pay himself. Now he can just focus on his contract and where he’s going next.

“My Account Manager is clear, concise and helpful. Sometimes he doesn’t have answers to my questions there and then but he’s always explained if someone else is needed and has clarified the answers very quickly. I’ve had lengthy chats with the accountants too to understand the best way of setting up my limited company. I’ve found everyone to be helpful and quick to respond; which has been excellent.”

Taking control of your business

Matt’s particularly complimentary about the clarity of our software, which helps him easily get a handle on the things he needs to understand; it’s easy to access, and it reminds him when he needs to bring his bank accounts up to date. He’s also a keen reader of our in-depth Knowledge Hub which he’s used to fuel his knowledge of dividends, learning to understand the process and how it works as well as many of the other legal requirements involved with running a limited company.

“I would definitely recommend inniAccounts. The whole process of getting me set up has done everything I wanted it to do. The online software has been really intuitive and easy to use, and the quality of the team has been excellent.”

A service that takes away the hassle of managing a business

Matt’s story is exactly what we love to hear at inni. We designed our software and service with the prime intention of removing the burden of administration, so contractors can focus on what they do best. Going it alone can be a daunting experience without the added stress of ensuring your limited company is operating in the best way, so we’re delighted to have helped Matt with his journey.

Finding a succinct answer to all those first-timer questions can be difficult – we strive to always be on hand to help new contractors get their company on the right tracks, not just with their finances, but with every aspect of their new business.

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