Here’s how this entrepreneur is using inniAccounts to focus on two businesses

Today, you’ll find Nick Griffiths balancing his contracting career in engineering design with a flourishing property business. Here’s how Nick uses inniAccounts to ensure his businesses are easy to manage and the numbers are always taken care of – so he can focus on the important things.

Getting a personal level of care

When Nick first started contracting, he knew that he needed a supportive accountant that offered a personal level of care. He’d first stumbled across inniAccounts, during his initial research, when he downloaded our Becoming a Successful Contractor or Consultant eBook. Flash forward 18 months, and Nick was ready to leave permanent work behind and take the leap. He remembered that he’d read our book and that we seemed to know what we’re talking about (we certainly like to think so!) and took a closer look at our services.

Nick says, ‘I was a bit apprehensive at first because before you join you don’t know if you’ll get that personal level of care that you’re looking for from an accountant. Before appointing inniAccounts I spoke to an Account Manager on the phone, they let me know what was required and they answered a lot of my in-depth questions, which helped to reassure me.’

A single package that does more than you’d expect

Nick was pleased to find our service not only provides the usability of online accounting software, it’s also backed up by actual Accountants that you can ring and ask questions. ‘I know with Quickbooks everything is online but with inniAccounts; everything is all in one package. You’ve got the software but you’ve also got access to an Account Manager whenever you need it and Accountants that give you fast responses. inniAccounts offer pre-year end reviews that help you to maximise and minimise tax liabilities. I once mentioned this to a Financial Advisor and they were surprised that Accountants would do that for you. They didn’t think Accountants would do more than just your books. They were really impressed.’

No more looking into a magic eight ball

Nick’s favourite feature is our award-winning LiveCash, where he can see a real-time view of his cashflow. ‘Many of my friends still use spreadsheets with their accountants,’ he says. ‘It’s like looking into a magic eight ball to see how much money they’ve got available. Whereas I can see how much I’ve got available anytime.’ Nick can break his cash down into expenses, taxes, dividends, salary etc and see exactly what’s going out, what’s coming in and how much cash he has available at any time. This enables him to confidently make decisions.

Running two businesses side by side

Alongside contracting, Nick also runs a second business dealing in property. He was using a different accountant for this business and unfortunately found he wasn’t getting the service he needed. A week before the end of the tax year, he asked inniAccounts to step in and complete the annual returns for the company and we were happy to help. ‘I knew that I had made the right decision appointing inniAccounts because they really do go that extra mile to help,’ Nick says. ‘Now I know they will look after everything and I have peace of mind.’

‘It’s a very positive feeling knowing that the inniAccounts team are on top of managing my accounts, so I can concentrate on my business.’

Online accounting that works for you

Nick’s story reflects what we’ve always believed: that by providing an intuitive service that makes managing your accounts effortless and going above and beyond to ensure our customer’s needs are always at the centre of what we do – our service is something unique. By easing the administrative burden, we help our customers to focus on what’s important; building their business and thriving. inniAccounts puts Nick in control, ensuring he’s confident that every part of his two businesses can all be managed in one place, with our team of experts always ready to answer any queries.

Do you use inniAccounts to help you focus on your company, stay organised and achieve your objectives? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at