How we’re using NPS to shape our company’s roadmap


Our clients are the leading influencers of our development roadmap; their ideas, feedback and experiences galvanise us to continually improve not only our software and service but our values.

One of the tools we use to understand our client’s experiences is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a simple survey method that grades customer satisfaction. We ask our clients how likely they are to recommend our service – they then answer on a scale of one to five. Once we’ve collected the answers, we categorise the scores into three groups:

  • Clients who answer 1-2 are unlikely to recommend a friend; they are classed as ‘detractors’.
  • Clients who answer 3-4 are neutral, so they are ‘passives’
  • Clients who answer 5 would most likely recommend a friend, they are ‘promoters’

Next, we add up all the scores. NPS is determined by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters. What is generated is a score between -100 and 100. Generally, any NPS over 30 is considered good, over 50 is great, and over 70 is world-class. As an example, Apple has an NPS of 89; Amazon’s is 61.

We currently have 50 promoters (78%), 12 passives (19%), and 2 detractors (3%). This gives us a current NPS of 75.

To ensure the score always provides an accurate picture, NPS results only last for 90 days. We ask our clients for their feedback every 3 months to keep the scores up to date. We invite all our clients to take part at different points throughout the period, so our score is constantly updating as new responses come in and others drop off. Since the start of this year, our score has consistently been over 70.

Driving excellence

We’re incredibly proud of our NPS. Half of our new clients consistently come from referrals, and the score suggests this is set to continue. It also provides us with a continually evolving snapshot of our current clients, so we always have an up to date view of our company’s performance. Many businesses use NPS as a solution to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, we feel this data becomes most useful when you put it into action.

While NPS is a helpful rating for judging our performance, more pro-actively it gives us an opportunity to regularly reach out to our clients. Alongside our NPS question, we use it as a chance to request feedback on our software and service and to actively encourage our clients to share any new ideas or changes they think could improve or streamline their experience. Using this feedback, we get to address any customer concerns, improve our processes, fuel innovation and ensure we’re offering the best possible solution. Thanks to our client’s feedback, we’ve recently changed our internal processes and now answer almost every email query within two hours, we’re also imminently set to release a new iOS app that our clients have played an integral part in developing.

Here at inni technology and data are our lifeblood, take a look at some of the new ways we’re driving innovation here.