Launching today: Receipt capture

receipt capture

We’re excited to announce that today sees the launch of our in-app receipt capture. With this new feature, you’ll be able to store and capture electronic copies of your receipts within the inniAccounts software.

Many independent professionals fall into the trap of chaotically hoarding reams of receipts to deal with at a later date. With inniAccounts, the once onerous task of keeping track and safely storing your company’s receipts becomes effortless; whether you’re using a computer, a smartphone or both.

With the new feature, you can easily capture an electronic copy of your receipts for your records, create new transactions from your receipts or simply drag and drop your captured receipts to attach them to existing transactions you’ve already raised.

Receipt capture allows you to save time by storing all your information in one easily accessible location. By attaching your receipts to their appropriate transactions, you’ll be storing everything you need to remain compliant with HMRC. With our mobile app, you can capture and manage your receipts on the go, so nothing goes forgotten or missed.

Go paperless with inniAccounts

The vast majority of accountancy services use third parties to provide added extras; such as receipt capture. Here at inniAccounts, we’ve worked to develop a feature that’s as specifically tailored to contractors and consultants as the rest of our software is. All for none of the extra fees that tend to come with third party involvement. We recognise that safely storing your receipts and managing them alongside your company’s Bookkeeping is an essential part of running your business. So, we’ve worked to provide a singular in-house experience, specifically designed as an integrated part of our software; for no additional costs.

With our new feature, it’s easy to go paperless knowing a copy of your receipt is securely kept. Anything you upload will be safely stored in your inniAccounts software. No more worrying about that ever growing box of crumpled paper receipts, your phone being stolen or updating your computer – we’ve got you covered.

Got a receipt sitting in your wallet? Why not give it a try now?

For more information on how to use this feature, take a look at our helpful Knowledge Hub guide.