Our Team is Growing


Our team has continued to grow and grow. This year inniHQ has been joined by many new faces and that’s not all, our team has grown in experience to help our expanding customer base. From our crack team of Account Managers and Accountants through to our Marketing whizzes and Tech geniuses – we have the best people on the case to keep inni innovative.

One of our clients? Ever wanted to put a face to the voice on the phone? Interested in knowing more about our team members behind the scenes? You can learn a little more about them here.

Alongside our all-inclusive accountancy service (specifically tailored for independent professionals), we’ve done our best to ensure working at inniAccounts is far from bog-standard. Our office is propelled by a can-do attitude that you’d normally only find in start-ups. We’re always on the move and innovating to stay at the forefront with the latest technology.

C9CpfQLU0AA6MhZWe believe in investing in our staff and ensuring they’re looked after. Our staff receive expert training and, best of all, enjoy being here. Which is great for them and ensures our clients always receive a brilliant service. We’re a small and talented team without any of the stifling hierarchies, everyone can have their say and make a difference. We’re proud to help our team achieve their goals, be it becoming a chartered certified accountant, developing skills in new programming languages or regaining a fulfilling work/life balance.

As an ambitious company with an experienced management team, inniAccounts is going places, whilst also offering security, maturity and opportunities for development.

Interested in joining our team? Take a look at some of the opportunities we have available here, or simply drop us a line.

Both in and outside of work, you’ll find our team having fun and getting involved with the local community. Why not take a gander at our Twitter and see what we’ve been up to?