inniApprenticeships: Ben’s story


Apprenticeships are a great way for younger people to gain practical experience in their intended field. This week marks the 10th National Apprenticeship Week – to celebrate, we’ve taken a look at the experiences and successes of our own apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships at inniAccounts

Here at inniHQ we have an established reputation and take pride in providing apprenticeship opportunities each year. While these opportunities usually revolve around our technical department we’re hoping to expand this out to the other aspects of our business. A good apprenticeship can strengthen a CV, provide knowledge and skills grounded in real-life business practices, supply industry contacts and even result in full-time employment. Apprenticeships are a great way for young professionals to learn from experienced specialists, on the job, while they’re still training. Here at inniAccounts our apprentices are usually working on new features and innovative projects. In return for the experience we can offer, we get their fresh, bright ideas and growing skills.

Over the summer we’ll once again be on the lookout for new inventive apprentices to join our team of experts.

If you have any questions about inniAccounts or our apprenticeships, please feel free to drop us a line at or Follow us on Twitter @inniAccounts

Ben’s story

Meet Ben – he’s our apprentice Software Developer. Ben joined our team last summer. He’s currently working on his Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship for IT, Software, Web and Telecoms Professionals and gaining key hands-on experience, guidance and support here at inniAccounts. Since joining us, Ben has been working away at our website; handling glitches, remodeling and performing background updates as well as creating new pages and new features. You’ll also find him sorting out our standard IT issues for us around the office.

‘Working at inniAccounts? It’s really nice. There’s a great atmosphere, everyone’s very friendly and happy to help. I’ve had a lot of support and plenty of opportunities to try new things.’

Alongside plenty of new chances to improve his existing knowledge and learn new skills, Ben’s been closely working with both our technical department and our marketing team; allowing him to see the impact his role has across the company.

‘I’ve learnt plenty of new skills to apply going forward in my career. And I’ve definitely learnt far quicker here than I think I would have doing anything else. That sounds like it should have been stressful but it’s been a really relaxed and enjoyable process.’

Ben has four months left of his apprenticeship, we’ve been fairly indiscreet about our hopes to keep him on after that and happily, he’s hoping to stay here with us too!