In the news: General Election 2015: What Does The Technology Industry Want?

More support for scale-up businesses and fast broadband infrastructure are among the growth imperatives that high-tech companies like inniAccounts would pursue from the new government.

“As an online business, any commitment to a broadband infrastructure is welcome. Being online isn’t a differentiator anymore, it’s an entry criteria and imperative for the knowledge economy. We exchange tens of thousands of files with clients, talk to HMRC electronically and we run our hosted PBX phone system over the broadband connection. It’s integral to delivering our service, and ultimately our brand.”


As a business beyond start-up, inniAccounts would like to see more support financially for scaling-up companies. Favourable bank loans and National Insurance breaks would provide more funds for investment to sustain the levels of development and innovation.

A program for advanced networking opportunities and advice from experienced entrepreneurs is another efficient way to avoid “costly mistakes”, according to inniAccounts’ co-founder James Poyser.

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