In the news: CBR seeks inniAccounts’ opinion on Labour’s technology manifesto


This week we’ve been asked by Computer Business Review to comment on Labour’s technology manifesto pledges. Here’s what we said:

“We are reading all the manifestos keenly. They not only affect our business, but those of our clients. We see our role will be to help clients navigate the changes and how they will determine company structure, accounting practice and growth – we are already receiving the ‘what if’ questions as the manifesto headlines emerge.

“As an online business, any commitment to a broadband infrastructure is welcome. Being online isn’t a differentiator anymore, it’s an entry criteria and imperative for the knowledge economy.

“We exchange tens of thousands of files with clients, talk to HMRC electronically and we run our hosted PBX phone system over the broadband connection. It’s integral to delivering our service, and ultimately our brand. We see it as a vital part of our growth, our client’s growth and, given the seniority of our clients and the companies they provide consultancy to, Britain’s place in a global economy.

You can read the full article here.